iPhone iNuke Boom: 30 grand for speaker dock

A while ago we reported on a rather large speaker dock for the iPhone called the iNuke Boom, and apparently this beast of a dock turned up at CES 2012. Yes, Behringer who make the iNuke Boom actually had a working model of the 8-foot 700-pound beast during the event in Las Vegas.

According to the guys over at iDowload Blog and by way of MacRumors, the iNuke Boom is billed as the loudest iPhone speaker dock, and at that size I’m not really surprised although your would need quite a large room to use it.

The iNuke Boom can push out a staggering 10-000 watts, and has a 30-pin connector at its top so you can plug in your iPhone or use Bluetooth to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly to deliver deafeningly eardrum splitting sound.

Apparently this beast of an iOS speaker dock required so much power that it has to be turned on in stages to make sure that the outlet it is plugged into doesn’t blow a fuse.

The iNuke Boom is probably out of the reach of most iPhone users commanding a very hefty price tag of 30 grand, but will apparently be available for purchase if your have that $29.999 handy sometime in Q3 of this year.

Just so you can find out the power of the iNuke Boom, we have a quick video demo for your viewing/listening pleasure below, so head on down and hit that play button, and although the guys turning the device on seems quite, wait until the very last second…enjoy.

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