I’m Watch for Android-Only: Smart Devices 2012

Has the smartphone had its day, is the mobile space now turning to wristwatches for all your tech requirements, probably not, but the smart watch is becoming more of the norm in the mobile space allowing you to pair your smart watch with your smartphone, and now Android has its own smart watch.

According to the guys over at Droid-life, the I’m Watch for Android has finally arrived, a Bluetooth connected stylish watch that enabled the user to do all the usual things one can do with a smart watch such as checking on emails and making calls.

Apparently this Android compatible I’m Watch was designed in Italy, and apparently runs a rather outdated Android operating system in the form of Android 1.6 so is somewhat laggy, but the guys say that hopefully the company still has a few kinks to sort out before the watch hits the streets.

Word is the I’m Watch for Android will become available in numerous colours and strap materials, and depending on those the price will vary, but according to the guys the I’m Watch will start at $350, which seems a bit steep to me considering its Android 1.6 and probably no chance of being updated to Android 4.0.

Anyway that’s about it with the I’m Watch for Android, personally I don’t really see the point of having your watch connected to your smartphone when you probably always carry your handset with your anyway, but no doubt many will want a taste of Android on their wrist, will you?

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2 thoughts on “I’m Watch for Android-Only: Smart Devices 2012”

  1. Tybb says:

    Prices range from $469 to $2,200 on their web site…. you’ve got to be kidding! I can swallow $80-$125 but not $500+. Whatever they are smokin, I don’t want it.

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