Analysis preceding iPhone 5 release

Life is always about change, especially when it comes to the Apple iPhone and contemplations of adding 4G, this is the way forward for Apple and fixes need to be implemented before they can consider such a feature.

The iPhone 4S was released late 2011 without 4G, but we see many issues with the current smartphone to even consider adding this new technology found on many Android smartphones of today. So we want to give you a little insight to our analysis preceding iPhone 5 release.

This is not all hear say and thoughts just popping into our heads, it is something that we are experiencing with our very own iPhone 4S, the battery life is fairly poor and even when playing games for a few hours heats up the phone like a heat pad in the winter. so much so you can forget heat products and gloves, just play a few games and then stick the iPhone 4S in your pocket to warm your hands up.

We have many phones including iOS, Android, Windows and so forth, and the iPhone 4S does suffer heat & battery life problems, there needs to be a fix or complete new changes before they release the next Apple smartphone aka iPhone 5.

Thinking a little more on what Phones Review colleague James reported on earlier, with the iPhone 5 rumours of it being released with 4G LTE in the third quarter of 2012, we have to dig a little deeper within our minds and raise a few questions and issues.

There is no way on earth the iPhone 4S could handle the power of 4G, as we all know 4G requires a higher powered radio, which we know will drain the battery a lot faster. Personally the next iPad release will see 4G before the next iPhone release, that is all down to the iPad having a larger battery.

We are not fanboys of any operating system, we love both iOS and Android devices, they both have their qualities to keep customers happy, but if Apple does not sort out the heat and battery life issues then we will probably never see 4G. Does Apple really want to add 4G to its iPhones? This is a question you have to ask yourself, they released the first iPhone with 2G and not 3G, and then they released the iPhone 4S with 3G and not 4G. Personally we believe that the iPhone cannot handle the power of 4G, we might be wrong but then we could be right.

The next iPhone release will be Apple’s 6th generation smartphone, and it is known to be the iPhone 5, new features such as Quad-core with 20x more power in the GPU, and if Apple moves ahead with fuel cell battery power that they have patented, then 4G will work brilliantly with no issues of loss of battery power.

The A6 processor is 99.9 percent going to be within the next iPhone that Apple releases, most mobile devices do not have very good battery life on one single charge, take the PS Vita for example with only 4 hours battery life.

Please let us know what you think, do you believe Apple will release the next iPhone with 4G, or will they stick with 3G?


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