Nanoparticles to quick-fix mobile phone scratches/cracks

It can be a bit of a pain when your mobile phone or tablet gets tiny scratches and cracks that the eye can’t see but causes the device to malfunction; however these tiny scratches and cracks may soon no longer be cause for concern as word is researchers have come up with a new method of repairing such things.

According to an article over on Gadgets, a team of researchers from the Pittsburgh and Massachusetts Amherst universities have apparently come up with a “repair and go” solution to this issue.

Professor of chemical and petroleum engineering at the Pitts Swanson School of Engineering and project co-investor, Anna Balazs says “anything that‘s a machine with a surface is affected by these small-scale cracks.”

Apparently the theoretical research for the “repair and go” method was inspired by how white blood cells in the body heal wounds on-site.

So how does the “repair and go” method work, well a solution of nanoparticles in a flexible microcapsule would be applied to a damaged surface, and would then detect any defects and repair them by releasing the nanoparticles into the defects.

Balazs also says that makers could use the method as a last step in the building process and thus extend the life of any device or system, and it could be also use to repair a crack after it has been found.

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