Best mobile device charger: USB Kanex Sydnee

Now the thing about owning a mobile device is that sooner or later you are going to need to charge the device, and if you have numerous device it can mean lots of chargers, however there are a few multi-chargers out there that offer charging more than one device at a time via USB, and now during CES 2012 a new USB charger has been unveiled by Kanex called the Sydnee.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo the Kanex Sydnee offers the ability to charge up to 4 USB connected device simultaneously with each port delivering 2.1A of juice so you are able to power up your iOS devices all at once.

Apparently as the charger delivers that 2.1A of juice it means you can also power up your Apple iPad, and iPhone along with two other devices at the same time and faster than before and charging shuts off once complete.

The Kanex Sydnee also offers protection against surges and spikes via its built-in short circuit breaker whilst coming supplied with three USB cables so you can start charging your multiple iOS devices immediately.

The Kanex Sydnee USB charger is expected to become available at the end of Q1 with a choice of two colour options, Snow and Onyx and should command a price tag of $149.00, you can of course sign up for notification of availability on this iOS accessory by hitting up Kanexlive.

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