iPad 3 arrival: Gamers give up consoles beforehand?

Since the start of Apple’s iPad 2 arrival last March, rumours have been in overdrive surrounding the next generation iPad and its specification possibilities. As well as the next iPad 3 tablet destined to arrive sometime in March this year, rumours include the add-on of LTE, HD display, quad-core processor and so on.

Today with devices extending their specs list with improvements found in graphics and processors, alongside the need for portability, we have to ask how much of a change will be made to the next iPad? According to inentertainment.co.uk, it has been noted that a percentage of gamers are toying with the idea of trading in or even selling their games consoles in time for the arrival of the iPad 3.

Although having an iPad 3 slate compared to a games console such as the Xbox 360 or PS3 are on completely different spectrums, some gamers are indeed considering the need to change over to an iPad 3 when it arrives, and we have to say ‘when it arrives.’

If the iPad 3 rumours do in fact come to fruition, and the display encourages far more pixels along with a new quad-core A6 processor, we do have to ask whether the option of getting rid of your games console is a sound option? Nothing at the moment has been set in stone in relation to the new tablet’s release date plus its final specs, so the advice is surely not to be too hasty.

Let us know your thoughts? Are you in fact a gamer, does the thought of giving up your console for an iPad 3 send shivers down your spine?


2 thoughts on “iPad 3 arrival: Gamers give up consoles beforehand?”

  1. Gatorproof says:

    so, since the Asus Transformer ol model TF-101 supports a real game controller by way of USB port adaptor, so will the Ipad 3 handle one as well?

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