Xperia Ion “fast capture” camera, Galaxy Nexus downfall

Last week saw the showcasing of many new and forthcoming devices at the Las Vegas CES event. Manufacturers were keen to announce new products, two being from company Sony, with their smartphones the Xperia S and the Xperia Ion both being of the Android variety, and it’s the latter that we wanted to explore.

Comprising of specs such as a 4.6-inch display with 720p, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB memory, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4G LTE, massive 12MP camera with Exmor R sensor and so on. Whilst on the subject of the huge camera, Sony have claimed that it takes less than two seconds to get the camera from standby to taking an image, so pretty impressive stuff!

An interesting comparison between the newly announced Xperia Ion and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus has just been carried out, surprising when the Nexus only packs a 5MP camera. Results as phandroid.com concluded, were that although the Nexus has what is known as “direct-to-camera screen unlock” and zero shutter delay, the Xperia Ion still remains the quicker camera.

Delving into the comparison a little deeper, both benefit from the zero shutter delay being a feature of Android 4.0, ok so like us we automatically questioned the fact that the Ion only has Gingerbread at the present time, but that’s nothing to say that the software will not be updated.

As well as the Xperia Ion benefiting from a fast stand-alone image-capturing camera, the handset enjoys Sony’s impressive camera sensors alongside pure quality. Check out the comparison via video using the link in the third paragraph.

What are your thoughts on the new Sony Xperia Ion? Is the Galaxy Nexus camera its downfall?


3 thoughts on “Xperia Ion “fast capture” camera, Galaxy Nexus downfall”

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Galaxy Nexus is Android” 2 ways of looking at this stupid statement:
      1 ….ummm, duh? The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t run WP7, iOS, Bada, or any other OS you can think of. Do you really need to dumb it down so much that you sound like a 3rd grader?
      2. The Galaxy Nexus alone isn’t [all of] Android. Android is the OS, the Galaxy Nexus is the hardware the OS runs on. Just like iOS is the OS, and the iPhone is the hardware that iOS runs on. You’re just as stupid as the iSheep. Not to mention that Android is more than the Galaxy Nexus. Android is everything encompassing my lowly Samsung Moment, to the Transformer Prime, to the little wrist watch Motorola and some other companies have come up with. Ignorant idiot.

  1. Anon says:

    About 6 months between releases and a minor processor upgrade, a camera upgrade isn’t great progress…

    Even with those benefits it would depend on whether it shipped with it’s own bloated launcher and got ported to ICS otherwise it can’t really be considered an improvement.

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