Control Samsung washing machine WF457 via smartphone app

It seems that if something in the home needs controlling your smartphone will be able to control it via an application, that’s the way the future looks, and whilst at CES 2012 Samsung revealed their latest WF457 washing machine with Smart Contorl System, meaning this washing machine can be controlled wirelessly with a smartphone.

According to the guys over at Mashable, by using the smartphone app the user can monitor such things as remaining time, finishing alerts, cycle selections along with starting and pausing the washer remotely from anywhere in the home.

Apparently the new model sports a feature known as “Water Shot Technology” that produces a cleaning shot of water along with dissolved detergents followed by a rinse shot delivering a dual rinsing performance.

With this “Water Shot Technology” the cycle time is reduced by up to 25 percent and thus making it more environmentally friendly that other washing machines.

The smartphone app controlled Samsung WF457 will apparently be available from major retailers sometime in the spring, but no word on any pricing as yet, but we do have a quick video showing off the WF457 and smartphone app for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of THGnews.

Have to say, it appears that the mobile app is making for a lazy society, why walk over to press a button or change a setting when you can sit back and do it all from your smartphone? Having said that, no one has come up with an app that can load your washing into a machine yet.

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