iPhone Accessories: The Dot gives 360 degree video

This particular iPhone accessory is for the iOS video photographers out there because this little iPhone attachment called The Dot turns your iPhone video shot into panoramic footage by capturing 360 degree video, and The Dot was demonstrated at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

According to the guys over at Gadgets, the founder and CEO of Kogeto who make The Dot iPhone lens. Jeff Glasse says that with The Dot you can capture everyone in the room, 360 degrees, and then with a single click you can upload the footage to Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you want to share.

The Dot attachment looks a bit like a jewellers eye magnifier only a tad smaller and clips onto the iPhone over the camera lens and is for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Glasse also says that they will be coming out with an Android version of The Dot this year, and goes on to say, “We’re bringing this to the consumer market so we can be the plumbing for panoramic video. I believe wholeheartedly in panoramic video. I believe it’s transformative.”

Apparently funding for The Dot was raised via a Kickstarter project with Kogeto seeking some $20,000 but ended up raising a staggering $120,500 so it would appear there is quite a bit of interest in the iPhone camera accessory.

The Dot began shipping back in October 2011 but apparently will be being offered in Europe sometime in February and will be in Apple Stores within a fortnight, The Dot comes in four coloured, black, cherry red, hug-inspiring pink, and surprisingly attractive green, and commands a price of $79.00.

And we have a little CES 2012 video of The Dot for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Wired, so don’t forget to check that out below…enjoy.

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