Finding the Android Black Market App

Call us stupid, but we have heard of the Android Black Market app for a while now, but when we come to searching for it, this is where the confusion begins.

We do not know a lot about the Android Black Market app, what we do know is that if you own a rooted phone or planning on rooting your Android device then this will be for you. The Black Market (Root Only) Android app basically gives you a list of the best applications that require root access.

Main features apparently include hot apps listing for root only devices, the ability to share apps on Twitter and Facebook, staff picked list of apps, profiles with real time updates and much more.

This is said to be a dedicated app, but looking into this a little further we came across App Brain, and they say on their site that this app is unfortunately no longer available on the Android market. So what now?

We have searched the web high and low and nothing, we did find this though: One commenter on The Android Soul, mentions that the only way to get this app is by going into 4shared on your phone search blackmarket.apk NO SPACES and then download it from there.

If anyone knows more about the Android Black Market app, please do come forward and enlighten us?


7 thoughts on “Finding the Android Black Market App”

  1. Sethfan420 says:

    i use blackmarket everyday, it rules! but you have to be cautious as there may be malicious apps on it, as long as you read the permissions before installing nothing can happen. i highly suggest getting avast mobile security from the blackmarket first as it protects you from potentially malicious apps.

    also, if you cant find the apk yourself then you are an idiot…

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