Installing & questioning Call of Duty Elite Android app

At long last the new Call of Duty Elite Android app is ready to install, we are going to give a few details about the application and then will look at some of those that are questioning it.

If you visit the Android Market right now you can install this free app, if you love COD MW3 then this will be just for you. This Elite mobile app allows users to look into their multiplayer progress with in-depth stat analysis, the developer explains that it will give gamers the chance to find new strategies based on recent performances.

Users can remotely add edits to loadouts, as well as pushing changes directly into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this easily allows users the option to be ready for play.

Main app features include: Review Recent Matches to track your performance on a match-by-match basis, Check your Career Summary for deep details on your multiplayer activity, Analyze your progress over time to see which areas you need to improve in and which areas you excel in. It also comes with the view and edit your Custom Classes on the go, Push your changes into the game so you’re ready to play the moment you load up multiplayer, and the ability to track Challenge progress to help you work toward the highest XP gains.

If you do decide to install this app, you must be aware you need a Call of Duty ELITE registration and played Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer matches.

We have looked into a few comments coming in about this app for Android and some are saying that the app is not even starting up for them, others say there is a problem with the Android back button, apparently you have to use the in-app back button as well as your home button to leave the app. Another user installed this app on their HTC Droid Incredible with version 1.0, they say that it is missing three features, which include competition (lone wolf, clan ops), Search users and the ability to manage clans, but other than that it works fine.

If you do install this Call of Duty Elite Android app, please let us know what device you are using and if you have come up against any problems at all?


25 thoughts on “Installing & questioning Call of Duty Elite Android app”

    1. DiscHiKowns says:

      It has the little android character and its green and it says Call of dutyR Elite Activision Publishing just type in Call of duty elite itll probly b the 6th 7th app

  1. TechronSadosa says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s captivate I896, just got the app but wont get past the initial screen, that and cant back out of it, can only hit the home button then end the application manually

  2. iNf3kTiD says:

    Horrible. Activision & Beachhead Studios really did a piss poor job with this app. It looks like it was slapped together in 20 minutes time and ported from the iphone version. Very disappointing.

  3. Kosterandrew30 says:

    Im using it on HTC desire s and have no problems watsoever could do with few more features but apart from that works fine ,although I do have to use the apps back button my phone back button is now redundant

  4. I got it today on my Sony Ericsson x10 mini pro and it opens, but…nothing happens after that, it just stays on a screen with a little close button in the bottom right corner that doesn’t even do anything 

  5. QuakerWinters says:

    Works fine on the HTC Evo 4G except that it doesn’t remember my login info like my iPhone version of this app does. If it remembered just my login name I would be happy. I’ll be going back to the iPhone version until they fix this.

  6. bdub says:

    Ok I have an samsung epic and when I try to log in it says “this account does not have a linked gametag” does any1 know what this means cause I can log in just fine on the computer and ps3 but not this app

  7. Back-Burner30 says:

    I have this app for the droid 2 and when I try to login, it always says “login attempt failed”. I know my information is correct, it just never works. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and everything. Not sure if this is a bug for this phone or what…

      1. OM21 says:

        I’ve not seen you on this boat but I’m on exactly the same one as you. I know my details are correct I have even checked on the Xbox its just not working. Been trying since about June and it hasn’t worked since. Uninstalled already!

  8. Hellfiresindrom says:

    Yeah this app is horrendious. The resolution is too high for any android tablet out there, you cant scroll down, not to mention the lack or non-existance of clan support is just bad. I know plenty of people who use elite soley for the clan stuff, if they want stats they just use the in game barracks. Activision or what ever dev team brought us this turd need to be ashamed of themselves.

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