Soul Calibur for iPhone: Classic arcade release

If you are into slice and dice sword wielding fighting games or perhaps an aficionado of the original arcade 1998 release Soul Edge, you might like to hear that the second game in the Soul series, Soul Calibur will be coming to the iPhone in the very near future according to game maker Namco Bandai.

The guys over at Andriasang are reporting that the iOS version of Soul Calibur should be available to download to your iPhone as of the 19th of this month.

Apparently the classic arcade and Dreamcast iOS port will features all 19 fighting characters along with several modes that include time attack, arcade attack, practice, survival, extra survival, and museum, whilst he time attach mode, survival mode and extra survival mode are Game Centre Leaderboard compatible.

Soul Calibur for iOS will be compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and Apple iPad 2, and presumably the iPhone 4S once is becomes available to download, but as yet there is no confirmation as to what the iOS app will command price wise.

And just so you can see what Soul Calibur is all about we have the Original Soul Calibur for iPhone and iPad trailer video below for your viewing pleasure so hea don down and mash that play button to check it out…enjoy.

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