Best photography with Kungl iPhone tripod mount case

Finding iPhone accessories that do more than one function is always a good find, and we think that the Kungl iPhone tripod mount case has been remarkably designed. Similar products to this have been made before, but we have not seen one as good as this to date, we are only judging this solely on the pictures, information and videos provided.

What we really like about this iPhone case, is simply down to the build quality and extra functions it provides, for example it gives a secure snap hold for your Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it works with all standard equipment such as tripods and stands etc, it is pocket friendly and customizable skins are not needed.

We all know that by skins or cases with customized photos cost a few pennies, well with this Kungl case once the iPhone is secured it does not touch the glass on the back at all, this means you can print out a glossy photograph, which can then slide into the back of the case giving you your personalized case.

The iPhone 4S has a brilliant camera with LED flash, and we know that taking photos or video are of top quality, but we can never get away from the bog standard shakes whilst holding, this is where the Kungl iPhone case comes into play. It can be attached to standard tripod mounts thanks to the brass screw fitting on the bottom giving you the perfect stability for the best photography.

For only £19.99 for this case, we have to say that is very cheap indeed considering it does all the above and more. Recap: It is a case for your iPhone that will protect it against bumps, usage of standard camera equipment and accessories, and the ability to slide your own personalized skins in the back.

Please visit Kungl for more information, you can also check out the photos and video below this article. All we need now is for the company to make one for, mmmm the Galaxy Nexus for starters.


4 thoughts on “Best photography with Kungl iPhone tripod mount case”

  1. I love iPhone4s, especially with its vivid camera but sometimes it is hard for me to take accurate photos because my hands often shaking when I hit the snapshot button, so the result of the photos is… blurred 🙁 . Thanks for inventing this tripod for iPhone4 or iPhone4S, I think I really need this to avoid burred photos.

  2. Michel Fanton says:

    not happy with ours.
    Very strange that the Iphone is in upside down the way KUNGL is configurated. No doubt a big mistake as KUNGL cannot fit Olloclip lenses and collide with my manfrotto tripod mount. Poorest possible design.Try GLIF for better luck. The poor manufacturer in Canada may have produce thousands of them with the identical poor design but he has made amazing adverts to cover up. 

  3. That’s the first thing I noticed… the Kungl mounts the iphone upside down. If I record a video and email it directly to someone, when they open it on their computer it plays upside down.

  4. I learned that there is an app for $1 that can flip videos, so my stress is gone. The crazy thing is, when I emailed Helmut Kungl to ask him about this upside down issue, all he did was email me telling me I was and idiot, and that apple was stupid for designing the iPhone with the buttons on the bottom.

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