Crazy ideas for Android phone accessories 2012

There are many cool and unique Android phone accessories on the market, from cases to speaker docks, but what 2012 needs is something unique, out of the box ideas for something special to awe at.

We have many crazy ideas floating around in our heads at the moment; we want to come up with a few Android accessories that could excite fans in 2012.

What about a dual shock controller for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or any other smartphone running Android Ice cream Sandwich operating system, this would surely take mobile gaming to a whole new level. What about your trainers/sneakers with built-in sensors, where by you pair your Android handset whilst walking or running, which in returns lets you know if your balance is correct or needs changing, it would be like the Wii Board on the move.

Android smartphones with built-in lighter, how many times you been camping and not had a light to start a fire lol. Ok the above ideas are very stupid, but the controller would be a good start.

We really do need accessories, such as cases that at a switch of a button they change colour, one case many colours.

There have been many camera accessories, such as the mobile phone telescope, there are many more out there on the market. Is there a slight possibility of Android smartphones coming with true zoom instead of digital, they could find a way to extend the lens for better picture taking. The Polaroid SC1630 runs Android but this is a camera, how about reversing it and have a smartphone with the camera capabilities.

Do you have any ideas of unique Android accessories that you would like to see on the market? Please do share your ideas with us.


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