Smartphone battery life anxiety: Samsung promise

As smartphones increase in their numbers, bringing with them new and exciting features, the one big frustration felt by many users is that of what the device can offer in terms of battery life. When Apple’s new iPhone 4S released officially back in October of last year, it became apparent fairly quickly that battery life was lacking, leading to users airing their disappointment across support forums. The same has been said for other rival phones.

Just this morning we told you that manufacturers during 2012, are looking at ways of giving users exactly what they want, which is an impressive handset including adequate battery life without the need to keep constantly charging up their device.

South Korean company Samsung is no exception. According to Sean Cooper over at Engadget.com, Samsung’s VP of product innovation Kevin Packingham, has recently said that the company are looking into ways of bringing out new smartphones that last an entire day under what they class as “average to moderately heavy use.”

Presently, battery life can be used up by the inclusion of features such as LTE, upped screen sizes and so on. Ways of changing this may include the addition of a far bigger battery alongside Wifi and LTE changed allowing the handset to run for longer. As we reported this morning, Motorola may be paving the way forward, with the introduction of their new Droid RAZR Maxx with 3300mAh battery being launched on the 6th February. Look out for this date, as the Motorola event will be streamed showing the handset used for a period of 24 hours.

Give us your thoughts? Is this a continuous problem for you with your smartphone?


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