RIM releasing 7 new BlackBerry products for 2012

Old Research In Motion may be having a bit of a bad time recently, but the Canadian company isn’t ready to give up the fight just yet as word is Research In Motion is gearing up to deliver seven new BlackBerry products this year according to a rumoured RIM 2012 roadmap, which should keep the BlackBerry faithful out there happy.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of N4BB, the RIM roadmap shows that the company is planning on delivering just one BlackBerry 10 smartphone in 2012, which is supposed to be known as the BlackBerry London or maybe the BlackBerry Surfboard and should arrive sometime in September.

According to the leaked Research In Motion 2012 roadmap, the PlayBook 2.0 OS will be released at the end of next month along with something known as the PlayBook Admin Service, followed in April by the release of the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that will be 3G only and not feature 4G LTE.

Mobile Fusion, which remotely manages Android and iOS alongside BlackBerry, will also arrive sometime in April whilst the 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook with LTE is expected to release sometime in December 2012.

The roadmap also shows that RIM will be delivering a couple of BlackBerry Curve handsets for emerging markets with one being 2G only, but now word on release times for these two unfortunately.

Apparently the roadmap isn’t considered complete, and there is a decided lack of any mention of any new BlackBerry 7 devices, however as BlackBerry World kicks off in May we should find out more then.

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10 thoughts on “RIM releasing 7 new BlackBerry products for 2012”

  1. Updawazoo says:

    I eman really, who cares what RIM does, ot not, these days. 10 will be old by the time they release it. get ris of the tops mgt and sell off what’s still worth some money. Rim is a sure thing short sale even now.

    1. Blandrub says:

      BlackBerry Needs To Improve their SoftWare AND HardWare, EX Duel Cameras daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Plus need an App World Similar to ITunes….

  2. Moe says:

    getting bored of my bold 9780… torch 9850/60 according to all the reviews is 1st generation and not nearly as good as the dual core processors which samsung and apple have. Whats going on RIM? get a move on… Still a diehard BB fan, just waiting for them to release something innovative…..

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