Virtuous Quattro RC1 working features on HTC phones

With the Samsung Galaxy Nexus released running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS, many manufacturers knew that the time would come for them to release or even update existing Android software into their phones. Bringing new benefits, ICS 4.0 OS is of course the next big implementation onto devices and something to be rivalled with.

Putting ICS to one side, we wanted to tell you about some working features on HTC phones that have been developed thanks to the Virtuous team, called Virtuous Quattro RC1. First known for porting Sense 3.0 to some HTC handsets last year, the new RC1 features are hoped to be put onto phones such as the HTC Incredible S, Desire S, Z and HD.

According to androidandme.com, features include handsets working with 2G and 3G, booting without problem, 3G Games, Wallpapers, Tethering, WiFi and Bluetooth, Camera app and so on, although its been reported that the latter is still receiving teething problems which is hoped to be rectified with fixes over the next handful of weeks.

To find out more head over to the link directly above. Give us your thoughts.


One thought on “Virtuous Quattro RC1 working features on HTC phones”

  1. I’ve been using a beta development ICS called Ice Cold Sandwich. It’s smooth and sexy, but obviously being an early version it doesn’t have some functionality. For example no camera app! That said, another one can always be downloaded. I’m going to try out this Quattro tomorrow morning and report back.

    Either way I have to stay with ICS. It’s beautiful.

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