Sina Weibo Android phone, one click access

A prototyped Android phone by the name of the new Sina Weibo, is currently being put through its paces thanks to Chinese company Sina responsible for micro blogging service Sina Weibo.

Running as reported alongside the service sometime this year, the new device is said to have been put forward to a board, of which if given the go ahead will take a team of 10 up to hundreds.

According to thenextweb.com, a budget and plan of all the in’s and out’s of the new Android phone has been given, with the Chinese company hoping for the handset to be officially launched later this year. Following in Facebook’s footsteps to devise a device that is customized towards the social network, which coincidentally is called ‘Buffy,’ Sina is hoping to achieve the same concept.

The prototype is hoped to be a custom version of Android that will give users access to the Sina Weibo service as well as apps and services with one click access.

We’ll the first to admit that the details are a little vague, but further information will of course be posted to you.

Give us your thoughts on the new prototype?

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