New Samsung Galaxy Note update: Stunning enhancements

South Korean company Samsung have brought out some pretty impressive handsets over the last few months, namely the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Note and what looks to be the forthcoming Galaxy S III, rumored to be showcased at the February Mobile World Congress event. Today the news is centred on the Note and a new update, benefiting users that already have the handset.

Whilst some countries such as the US and Canada are waiting for the smartphone/tablet hybrid Galaxy Note to actually arrive, internationally other users will if not already, be notified that a ‘70MB maintenance update’ is coming from Samsung, benefiting users with impressive enhancements such as an extra fifth row of number keys enabling ease of use, along with an added setting enabling right or left alignment of the qwerty keyboard/numpad allowing for one-handed use.

Also as pocketnow.com reported, the new update will allow changes to the lock screen, with the handset’s screen giving directions of how to take off the lock with ease of use. A new torch widget will benefit the smartphone alongside screen brightness setting, which can be controlled for the web browser.

What are your thoughts on the new Galaxy Note update enhancements? Impressed?


3 thoughts on “New Samsung Galaxy Note update: Stunning enhancements”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I,m proud to say, that I’ve been maybe the first, that suggest this “one hand” mode ! And I did not patent it:)) Free:)
    This “one hand mode”  update should be in the title, but……:)
    So iboys  , tell me something about your thumb.:)

  2. This is definitely good news to users who already have the phoneblet. The 70mb maintenance update is an exciting one to look forward to. I just hope they release the ICS update soon as well.

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