Are you having HTC Titan signal and sound problems?

As we report on rumors of Apple’s next iPhone 5 and even possible features of the iPhone 6, it is easy to forget the sticky situation that the Cali Company went through when it first introduced its iPhone 4. Of course we are talking about the antenna gate issue that struck a black cloud over Apple and questioned its signal performance.

Although this problem seems to have passed for Apple, a new report shows that it’s not just the iPhone that can suffer. According to Phone Arena, HTC has been tarred with the same brush on its Titan model. Similar issues regarding signal drops whilst gripping the device have been mixed with reported muffled sound quality for those that you are calling from the smartphone.

In a letter sent from the HTC support team to an HTC Titan user, the manufacturer confirms that they are aware of the issue but are unsure as to the reason. Obviously HTC are working at resolving the issue with the muffles user voice sounds from the other end of the connection, but have advised users to keep a check on the HTC web site or its related social media sites for any announcements.

It has been pointed out that the Taiwan based manufacturer had replaced the Titans metal based shell on the Titan II, and questions have been raised about why the II was released within two months of the original model? Do you think that this was just coincidental, or are you a Titan user that has suffered similar problems? Let us know.


2 thoughts on “Are you having HTC Titan signal and sound problems?”

  1. Anon says:


    – Muffled sound for the other party on voice calls.
    – Intermittent problems connecting to the Internet when data is enabled and a associated wi-fi network is in range (disabling data or wi-fi fixes) the problem.

    HTC UK support claim that these aren’t known issues. An Internet search suggests otherwise.

  2. Roger Ferreira says:


    – Signal drops
    – Problems Connecting to 3G

    I live in brazil and my phone is the HTC Ultimate, which is the same phone with another name.

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