2012 Apple iPhone 5: Technology upped to 3D?

Although Apple’s iPhone 4S is still relatively new on the scene, thoughts are never far away from the next installment from the Cali firm. Before the 4S was unveiled, talk of possible iPhone 5 features were hot topics on the rumor mill. While certain inclusions will undoubtedly find their way on to the next model, we are still quizzical about other supposed additions.

On area that we had spoken about all that time ago before the 4S, was the possibility of 3D on the next Apple device. This seemed like an obvious move with other manufacturers releasing their own take on a 3D handset.

Well according to Apple Insider, the 3D technology could well see the light of day with the iPhone 5. This has come to the surface after a new patent application was discovered entitled “Sensor Based Display Environment”. This concept could take 3D on smartphones to a new level, with the possibilities of motion control.

In the report Apple had commented on problems faced with 3D user interface interfering with the normal touchscreen operation. This could lead to an iPhone without touchscreen functions but controlled purely by 3D hand gestures. Hopefully there will be more information to come on this, but for now all we can do is look forward to 3D coming to the next gen iPhone.

Tell us if you think that 3D operation could replace the standard touchscreen functions that we are used to?


2 thoughts on “2012 Apple iPhone 5: Technology upped to 3D?”

  1. ados says:

    I think the idea of motion based guestures is unreal. Phones need to have battery performance and with motion based guestures the power being drained from the phone would reduce battery too much. I could see 3D comming to iphone with the home screen 3D free or an option to turn 3D on for apps only.

  2. How come? This will definitely consume a lot of battery if the applications are in 3D, to think that the battery of iPhones is the main problems of most iPhone users.

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