Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 possibilites, more favorable?

Last year saw Samsung and Apple battling it out with the Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S. From the outset, Samsung’s smartphone was to prove popular with units sold over and above expectation, whilst Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement proved a little disappointing, with many hoping for a complete design overhaul, namely the rumoured iPhone 5 handset.

Although the iPhone 4S released with additional new features such as an A5 processor, Siri voice recongition, iOS 5 OS and so on, there will be a large percentage of Apple fans wanting a new refreshed addition, so will 2012 be the time to see it?

With major events already on the calendar for this year such as the CES and MWC, multiple sources including ourselves, have spoken about a new Galaxy S III possibly debuting at the latter event. Rumoured specs for it include a 4.6-inch HD Super Amoled Plus display, TouchWiz UI 4.0 or 5.0, possibly a huge 12MP camera, quad-core Exynos processor, upped 2250mAh battery along with 5-touch sensitive buttons on the bottom of the screen.

For the Apple iPhone 5 should it surface in 2012, rumoured specs include a higher screen resolution along with camera, although Apple may consider staying with the 8MP camera but adding additional features such as LED flash and 1080p, possible quad-core processor, packing 4G LTE, face recognition security and improved battery life.

Of course we have to point out that with both phones, until more solid concrete information has been reported on, all rumours have to be taken with a big pinch of salt.

What are your thoughts of the two in question? What would you like to see from both? If you had to choose, would it be an Apple over a Samsung every time, perhaps you’re an Apple fan through and through?


23 thoughts on “Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 possibilites, more favorable?”

    1. gdgtron says:

      How? I think you’re a moron, your not looking at the facts. Fifty four percent of the mobile market is owned by Android phones, Apple at only twenty five. I love both companies but in my honest opinion, (without being fanboy), I like Android better because of openess and just plain better. Even the hardware is better- iPhone 4S is overclocked at 800 mHz, dual core A5, while the newest Android phones have more than 1.3 gHz at dual core too.

  1. JewishMan says:

    I have to say that ios is still better then android but the gap is closing. Android just has to fix some minor bugs in the system. The same goes for the app store vs android market. Yea the android warket you can get awesome live wallpapers and cool Widgets, but ios has more apps and games to play. The phones on the other hand, android has ios beat 100%. Android comes out with a 100 phones a year compared to ios 1 phone a year. Android has so many phones that everyone can have their dream phone. Ios on the other hand just assumes that everyone likes the specs of their newest iphone and if you want ios then you must get one. I’m a proud galaxy s II owner and love how Samsung made everything on it the best they can. With galaxy s III probably going to come with even better specs and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, apple better be making iPhone 5 into a super phone to compete with android’s galaxy s III.

    1. Anonymous says:

      What are you smoking dude? “Android just has to fix some minor bugs in the system”, what bugs are those? I’ve used both platforms and Android is better hands down. I used to use Palm but when I picked up the iPhone and Android and compared both operating systems Android was more intuitive and easier to able to do more out of the box than iOS, so I went for Android.
      It’s funny how people who have never used an Android phone keep saying “it has bugs and it’s difficult to navigate”, etc.
      Try to be objective man.

      1. JewishMan says:

        Well maybe if you continued reading then you would have read the part that says I’m a proud galaxy s II owner! Don’t think your so cool because you dont like my opinion of the phone I use and the os I have on it! If you even read the article it asks for my thoughts of the two. I gave my thoughts and then there are people like you that think there know everything just because they read the first sentence of my thoughts. I pre-ordered the g1 and got android the first day it was released. I’ve seen android go a long way and that’s why I got another android last summer because I see it being better better the ios very soon. I have to be honest and say that every few days my android tablet or android phone either freezes or gets very slow and crashes apps. My ipad 2 and my 4th Gen iPod touch never has that problem.

      2. Shipstonfoxile says:

        Having a wife who’s an Andriod fan, and me with Apple – I prefer her S2 to my iPhone 4. Apple are going to have to make a really good phone to keep me with them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Samsung and Android will definitely win this battle. You have more options with Android and Android phones. Can’t wait for the SGSIII to be unveiled. 
    Apple will be unable to meet what Samsung puts out in terms of hardware and ICS is way better than iOS if you’ve actually tried it and I have. I’m giddy like a school girl.
    Apple has been stagnant since they decided to stifle competition. Their strategy is “if we can’t beat them, we’ll destroy them” by a thousand law suites. This is obviously not working for Apple. The earlier they refocus on innovation the better because I’ll like to see Apple continue to do well to keep Google and Samsung from resting on their laurels.

    1. Roger Sterling says:

       Yeah if you think back to 3GS, it really could be the best phone when it was released. And it took a couple months for the Moto Droid to beat it.

      Then look at iPhone 4, it was on par with Droid X, but the Galaxy S released a month later soundly beat it.

      Then the 4S, already out-classed by the Galaxy S II which came out 6 months before.

      Sure we might see an iPhone 5 that can beat the S II by summer, but the S III is coming … almost next month.

  3. GW says:

    Why would you say that the 8MP camera in an iPhone 5 would have a new feature of 1080p – the 4s already records in 1080p.  If you can’t get the basic facts correct what possible chance do you have at rumors?

  4. I just got my iPhone 4s with IOS 5.0 and i can not Jailbreak the phone, BTW i just won the phone from here if I remember correctly, getappleproductsforfree(.)com please help me with a tutorial.

  5. Jrglaw says:

    I am sitting here downloading iOS 5.0.1 for my 4S, AGAIN, bc of corrupted files in it. IOS is not perfect. It does crash, force close, drop calls, system slows down, battery life, etc. Not as much as Android, but it’s not perfect.

    1. Roger Sterling says:

       I’ve never had any sort of “corruption” on my Android device, no have I ever had to download a software update myself, it does that automatically for me.

  6. Yankho97 says:

    i dont know why people can even think of comparing the iphone 4s to 
    Galaxy S II iphone 4s is one of the slowest boring phones i have ever used

  7. Let'sBeRealisticHere says:

    I’m waiting for the “exciting” iPhone5 with a bigger screen that still shatters easily, a camera that Android already created, and still no 4G.

  8. Bone78_lpc2 says:

    IIm not a phone of the Iphone. Its overhyped and constantly needs to be updated or repaired. I will no doubt choose a Samsung phone over an Iphone anyday. Proud and satisfied Samsung user for almost 10 yrs. Nokias are always nice as well.

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