iOS 5 photo album problem due to iPhone date

It’s fair to say that Apple’s iPhone smartphone is still proving as popular as ever, even though the Cali company are up against stiff competition from others such as Samsung, Motorola and even HTC. When the new iPhone 4S officially released in October 2011, one of its major selling points was that of the new iOS 5 software.

Unfortunately for Apple the new iOS 5 hasn’t proved plain sailing for customers. Battery life for the iPhone 4S was plagued which saw many Apple fans taking to support forums to get advice and air their frustrations. The latest complaint according to zdnet.com, is that of an iOS 5 bug that seems to be showing the user’s photos even though the device is locked.

Ade Barkah, a technology consultant from Canada has been keen to share that photos can be seen via the lockscreen camera button, even if the smartphone is securely locked.

Trying it on your own device is easy, by setting your device’s clock to any time in the past. Double click the home button to access the camera whilst the device is locked, then you will be met with all your photos. It seems photos can only be seen that have been taken after the time showing on your device.

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  1. DJ1st says:

    Umm… If your phone is securely locked with a password then there’s no need to worry because if your phone is lost or stolen the password is needed to enter settings to change the time on the clock. So… Unless you deliberately set the time wrong before you lock your iPhone with a password ( no one does this lol) your photos are secure

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