iOS 5.0.1 brings more issues than it fixes

Most are aware that Apple recently pushed out an over the air update of iOS 5.0.1, an update that was supposed to cure the problems with the iPhone 4S battery drainage that many had been complaining about, but since then as we have reported several are still suffering from that battery problem, whilst it appears the update had brought more problems than it fixes.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple support forums have started seeing complaints that the iOS 5.0.1 update fails to fix the battery drainage issues; however according to an article over on PC World, iPhone users are now complaining about news problems since updating to the new firmware.

These new problems included cellular network reception issues, WiFi signal loss and microphone failure as reported by the guys over on GigaOm, whilst The Starup Foundry is also reporting that it appears that some users are also experiencing the iOS handset no longer remembers the names of contacts.

Apparently when some open up their contacts all the entries are still there however, when receiving a call or text the iPhone seems to forget the contact’s name, but the guys over at The Startup Foundry have come up with a partial fix for this problem, so if you are having difficulties, check out their website and try it out.

Word is that Apple hasn’t clarified whether these new issues are part of the few remaining problems the company is currently investigating, or whether they are totally new bugs in iOS 5.0.1.

So we’d like to hear from our iPhone toting readers out there whether updating to iOS 5.0.1 has cured all your problems or if you are also experiencing the same issues as others or indeed if you are experiencing problems we have not yet heard about, so feel free to shout out to our comments area below.

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170 thoughts on “iOS 5.0.1 brings more issues than it fixes”

  1. Moore_chris34 says:

    Apple sucks. They are a has been. Once the lawsuits work their way out they should try and figure out a better way to spend the revenue than chasing google. They couldn’t beat micrisoft and certainly won’t beat google in the smart phone business. People think they are cool now but give it time and people will realize they are a fad just like blackberry.

    1. Adam_123 says:

      you sir, are a tool… “they won’t beat google”, they are beating google. “they are a fad”, a fad which owns the market share, yep really don’t think they’ll make it. “chasing google”, please don’t flatter yourself, apple don’t care what clunky unrefined crap google come up with next, they’re busy making phones that work. google should stick to browsers and cloud computing, it’s what they’re really good at. as far as mobile devices, apple provides the best user experience of any os and by the way, they don’t need 25 different companies running modified versions of it on their devices to make people want to use it. done.

      1. Razer192 says:

        apple making phones that work dont think so my girl frend wanted an iphone 4s
        I tryed to get her to get the galaxy 2 like me but she insisted on the 4s can not ring her a good 80% of the time as her phone drops signal where is the fix from apple? people have been complaining of the issues with 5.0 and 5.01 for at least 3 months GREAT SUPPORT APPLE   do your self a favor buy a galaxy 2 or a note apple are **** I know as I owned one never again

    2. Anona. says:

      Okay, I’m not sure whether my information is correct or not, but Apple beat Microsoft ages ago and right now they’re like a piece of gum under Apple’s shoes… Just sayin’.

    3. Wriggers says:

      Why do non apple users insits in posting constant garbbage, get an iPhone and then join in. I’ve done the update on my iPhone 4 and it has improved battery life and there are no other issues. I have a 4s on pre order and am waiting to get my hands on it.

      1. Valcuenco says:

        please if ever your iphone 4s arrives DONT update to ios 5.0.1. this update is the culprit to all iphone 4s owners who have network connection loss.

  2. Anona says:

    Haven’t noticed any battery life changes. Why, you ask? Because after updating, my cellular network does not work AT ALL. It says “No service” and after restarting, it works for a few minutes and then no service again. 
    I’m very very disappointed.

  3. Andrew Coom says:

    I have very poor data reception on my 4S. My iPad 1 runs on the same carrier and it always has plenty of signal sitting right next to the iPhone with no service.
    The battery life on my phone is awful. Doesn’t even get close to one day with light use.
    I can’t make phone calls because I can’t hear the person on the other end.
    And now I notice since 5.0.1 I can’t sync my iPhone or iPad anymore!!

    What the hell is going on at Apple??

  4. dsf says:

    I think my battery drainage has actually gotten worse.  Speech reco in SIRI and in notes not working as fast or sometimes not at all.   Sending/receiving mail over the cellular network not realiable anymore.

  5. Valcuenco says:

    i am from Philippines. i have a new working  iphone 4s. have it updated from ios 5 to 5.0.1. right now i cant use the phone features of the iphone 4s. had been reading other blogs, sites etc. concerning the iphone 4s and the ios 5.0.1.  they have several temporary fixes that i tried. yet my phone is still problematic. the only hope iphone 4s owners can ask is for APPLE to issue a new UPDATE to fix the bugs in its latest ios 5.0.1

  6. Jwhite2658 says:

    My phone showed 100% battery life all day. I was impressed, and amazed at the improved battery life, until I figured out that the phone wasn’t accurately reporting the battery power left. I had to reboot, and the problem continued, showing 50% power until I rebooted again later. 
    I also noticed that my bluetooth headset does not connect properly, or allow me to use it’s built-in voice control features. What a disappointment from Apple.

  7. pilotRoc says:

    my ipod won’t play…. it has the icon by the battery symbol, but will not play any music.. i’ve had so many troubles with the update. I lost EVERYTHING i had even though my phone was backed up. But i have been able to fix that. My main problem is that my ipod won’t play, but iTunes on my PC will. HELP!>!!>!>!>>!>!>!

  8. Sensen2001 says:

    Had my iPhone 4S running OS 5 for 2 weeks flawlessly, until updated to 5.0.1 my battery drain faster, loss in signal and invalid SIM issue. seems like my iPhone 4S turned from no problem into more problems now.

  9. Hulsdunken says:

    Since updating to OS 5.0.1 my battery life has gone from decent, to absolutely shockingly bad, my reception drops out all the time and my cellular data is ridiculously slow.

    What a joke Apple, I should have kept my 3gs.

  10. Geo_hawkins says:

    Folks! Problem is Apple likely does not read these posts. We need to be calling apple support! I did and teck said right. Also to post on apple feedback is definitely read.

  11. Gingerwellzy says:

    Experiencing the same issues as folks below re no network. I’m on 3 in an area where I normally have full reception; currently I have none. I’m also getting issues where I have signal but calls are not coming through and it just keeps ringing on the callers end, like I’m ignoring the call.

  12. Stabbot says:

    was able to get some information. Just enough to confirm that upgrading my perfectly working 4s is not a smart move at this time.

    Hopefull Apple will get it together, and release an IOS version that enjoys majority user acceptance without obvious reliabillity and feature issues.

    I will wait for feedback on next release, for now leave the working device alone and watch the flame wars continue while being grateful I am one of the ‘lucky ones’ who got a working phone.


  13. Fredsiew says:

    When I updated to iOS 5….Maps and the GPS went on the blink. My 3GS could not get a location fix at all, unless I shut down 3G and rebooted. Since iOS 5.0.1, Maps and the GPS is working again. However, it takes much longer to get a fix on the location, does  not work indoors or ‘shade’ (it used to) and drops the position fix quite often. If Apple cannot get it fixed and right….they should at least allow us tp downgrade to 4.3.5….the GPS worked then!!!

      1. Ekrebs says:

        Yeah, i have the 3Gs and I hear nothing when I receive a text. So glad I bought alert sounds to not hear them. With Steve Jobs’ death comes the death of Apple.

  14. Guest says:

    While updating, iTunes or the iPhone apparently experienced some “error,” because it quit without being able to actuall restore. I’ve since manually restored – FOUR TIMES – and although iTunes will recognize the phone (e.g., it shows up on the left with the correct name), it will not give me any sync options – it just keeps prompting me to set up the phone, either as a new phone or to restore from backup.  Looking on the phone itself, it appears to have all my contacts, calendar, and e-mail data, but zero music or downloaded apps.  Syncing from the phone over wi-fi does nothing. Diagnostics from iTunes for syncing show everything’s fine, even though it clearly is NOT syncing properly.  WTF???

  15. Mzann88 says:

    My 4s worked just fine until I updated to 5.0.1 thinking it was going to make my battery life better. I don’t really see a difference with that but for some reason, I am no longer able to use wifi correctly. I’ll be connected but nothing loads and when I go to the apple store, it says “cannot reach store” or whatever. It’s very frustrating. Hopefully they come up with an update that actually fixes things, not screws them up more.

  16. I HAVE NOOOO RECEPTION NOW!!!! SOOOO ANGRY!!!! OTA makes updating too easy. I’m way too close to buying an android and insanely disgruntled about such crap service that I keep receiving through apple. lame.

  17. Eddieda7 says:

    I can’t even sync anything to my iphone4 after updated to IOS5.0.1. also the reception never been full. when i connected my iphone to itunes. it’s said SYNC SESSION FAILED TO START. What a Joke Apple Team!!!!! please come out the real complete version of IOS first rather than release a newer version just want to cure the previous version problem without test….

    1. Littlebit31 says:

      yup… mine goes through the sync and then when my phone restarts almost everything is missing, iTunes is blank most of my apps are gone. Contacts, calendars and photos are all there though. When I try and sync I get the iTunes message that my phone has to be restored AGAIN!

  18. Tedbadger2006 says:

    i have the 3gs and it has always been fine, apart from battery issues since the very first day i had it. the update doesn’t seem to have improved the battery life. the update has definitely ruined my wifi connection. i could pick up routers from a good distance away, since i updated, i have to be within 4 feet of my router to be able to pick up a signal. its not even a strong signal

  19. Amumford says:

    Applying the upgrade left my ipad stuck in recovery mode, and not recognised by the computer. It took three hours of experiment before being able to reinstall the drivers which had been corrupted and restore the device. Don’t touch this toxic ‘upgrade’

  20. Gloflosmith123 says:

    grrr my phone will not ring…no text tone…phone calls will only work using speaker…facebook keep blinking on and off…im not impressed…anyone have a fix for this :((((

  21. Deby21uk says:

    Took me 3 hours to finally get my fone to update after it kept freezing! Now my wifi is rubbish it’s not finding any my usual connections and when it does connect it keeps cutting off to home screen, Internet is that slow I give up and fb and Skype are shocking. Hope they fix this soon!!!

    1. BeeranR says:

      I am having this same issue.  I am lookin gfor a way to get IOS 5.0.1 off and back to 5.0.0.  does anyone know if this can be done or if the Apple store can do it?  My battery dies after about 2 hrs and the phone gets extremely hot.

  22. Jasper says:

    After the 5.0.1 update, my iphone 4 can no longer receive calls (does not ring), make calls (rings but dead when other person picks up), end calls (get stuck) or send text messages. Hmmm…..not good! Fixes?

    1. Jasper says:

      Aha! Suddenly the phone seems to be working again after turning on the 3G data connection (I had previously only connected to the internet via wireless connection after the IOS 5.0.1 upgrade).
      On turning off the wireless and turning on cellular data connection, the phone suddenly received a few SMS messages and things seem back to normal. Can only think that the upgrade required some sort of initialization step over the cellular data network. How odd!
      Can now make and receive calls and send and receive text messages, even when the cellular data connection is off again i.e. things seem back to normal.

  23. Newyr1 says:

    My phone has app issues since the update. iPhone 4 not s. I have missing OT ghost apps. Where the app should be is the tittle however no icon. If I tap above the tittle in the empty space it will open up the app. When I push home twice I can visually see the app along with the other visable apps. I thought maybe I simply need to close it out. Nope. Also the missing ghosts apps vary with each time I open the phone. Looks like I need to restore again. Will figure it iout when I have time. Right now it’s just annoying. Suzanne

    1. Deby21uk says:

      You can’t, tells u that before you do it that’s it can’t be undone 🙁
      Wish they would just listen to people’s complaints and sort it out.

  24. Evandimsy says:


  25. Arimi_san_ says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and since the upgrade and update I have to keep a charger handy because the battery won’t last longer than 4 hrs – even with the location finder, wifi request, and push notifications turned off. Replaced my battery thinking it was defective – same issue. I am also frequently unable to dial out – even with full reception unless I back all the way out to my home screen, reopen the phone app and actually dial the phone number. Then there’s the fact that my phone, on and off the charger, gets incredibly hot around the edges near the charging port. The new iOS, despite it’s fun features, has me thinking twice about staying with apple for my next phone.

  26. Dranchondo says:

    hating the 5.0.1 my battery is draining very quickly which was ok before the upgrade, I have terrible reception, ppl can not hear me at time during phone calls, and I bave to try and send txts quite a few times begore it actually its sent.. feeling frustrated!!

    1. Alex Mytton-Bayley says:

      i have the same issue my ipad 2 worked fine with ios 4 on it and now 5.01 wireless keeps going wrong and downloading apps is crap 🙁

  27. Shannon0110 says:

    My Iphone 4 was working great until I acquired the 5.0.1 update. Now, my itunes won’t play any previews on my phone and some of my purchased songs from my library do not play. I have restored my phone numerous times to no avail so I’ve put up with it for a few weeks but it is getting old… 

  28. I have a 3gs and as soon as i installed ios 5, my phone started to drop signal all the time and became real sluggish. Since i updated to 5.0.1 it is no better at all. I could be on a call and it will drop out constantly then work for a while and then start to drop out again. Most of the time i pick the phone up and it will say either searching, no service or sos. Restored numerous times and it will work for a few days then back to the constant dropping. very annoyed 

  29. Ashley says:

    The iOS 5.0.1 makes my battery drain even faster than before. I regret ever updating to the iOS 5! My problems all started with that. Extreme battery drainage, constant and sometimes random rebooting of my phone, my apps crash either randomly or on startup.. I am not pleased with the iPhone right now. Apple seems to have died with Steve Jobs.

  30. Taylorclan says:

    I have updated to os5.0.1 on iPhone 3GS. While in an area of poor reception last week my phone shut down and restarted 30 times a day over 2 days! I watched when it loss signal, shortly after it shut down and rebooted and noted in the diagnostic list a “panic.plist” error. Now back in the city all is good and not doing it…. Must be software error. Not had this in os4.

    1. Passionateforchrist says:

      My iPhone 4 is unable to connect to Internet since I upgraded to the 5.0 version. It only wants to use wifi. What should I do this is very frustrating.

  31. Simplyad says:

    after updating to 5.0.1 my network keeps going and coming back every 10 minutes. tried everything but nothing seems to work. makes the phone useless . wish i can return it to apple and get the money back!

  32. Ajtyrie says:

    I wish I knew all about the epic fails with updating to the 5.0.1 OS. I have major Sync issues with Phone and PC, and misinterprets data storage, major ghosting of apps and music which is useless to me now cos I can’t transfer to phone as it suggests that this itunes is already synced with an iPhone. Push notifications don’t seem to working well, but What really annoys me is the email feature doesn’t work properly at all anymore…. Very frustrating.

  33. Philcolligan says:

    Since updating to iOS 5.0.1, my apps act very sluggish. My text app takes sometimes 5 seconds or more to pull up and I can type an entire text before it registers. What’s going on here? If you have a solution can you post here and email me at philcolligan@yahoo.com

  34. Amonite2001 says:

    Since I upgraded to 5.0.1 my iphone 4S will not sync with my calendar via outlook.
    Is there a fix somewhere as I really need to keep my iphone updated with booked meetings?

  35. Prince_josemiguel says:

    GUys how about itouch? does it have any problem with the latest update (5.0.1). i was thinking to upgrade my itouch 4g but after reading comments here i started to hesitate..

  36. Raymondlimgenco says:

    i’m using iphone 4, after updating to ios 5.0.1 from ios 4.3.3 my add contact ( the + sign ) was gone and i can’t edit my contacts anymore. please help… 

  37. Is there a MAX number of apps the iOS can hold correctly? I have a LOT of apps on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and now there are apps with out viewable icons The apps is working but I can’t remove those without icons.

  38. Zedb900 says:

    After installing ios 5.01,the main problem is with the microphone.Phone calls are impossible.Thanks to the update I now have an iphone 4 that does not work as a phone.
    Thankyou Apple for making my iphone as usefull as a chocolate fireguard.

  39. Going2Android says:

    I had no problems with IOS 5.0 but since updating to 5.0.1 I now can connect to my WiFi for about 10 seconds and then it drops the connection and won’t pick up anything. Getting to the WiFi Settings makes the phone freeze for about 30 seconds and the little round symbol never stops after 1 hour it did not pick any WiFi networks and there are about 8 I can pick on any day. The WiFi comes back after a reboot, but only for about 10 seconds.

  40. Amisco2008 says:

    Pls come to my aid, just brought iPad 2 and the software was 4.3.1 but I force my self to sleep outside from 11pm to 1pm just to download the iOS 5.0.1 but just to surprise its no more show 3G bur edge. It’s a he’ll to update any thin in Nigeria because we have a very bad Internet. Pls help

  41. lab_rat54 says:

    I have an iPhoe 3GS and after updating to 5.0.1 I want to smash it. Since updating the following problems are occuring: Can’t send/receive texts,can’t send/receive phone calls, any app that requires the network won’t work, can’t access the web, and the battery life has dropped significantly. I have brought it to AT&T (my carrier) and they gave me a new sim card. No dice. I made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar and they did a system restore. No dice there, either. I’m seriously frustrated. Can I just have version 4 back??

    1. Trixton2002 says:

      I have the same issues regarding the texts and calls.  I cannot send more than one text message at a time before the network fails, and I must reboot the phone.  I have a terrible feeling that Apple is making these updates for the new phones, disregarding the ‘outdated technology.’  My phone was fine before 5.0.1, and now it hardly works at all.  If my parents weren’t paying for my cell phone service, I would most certainly be using a different cell phone service.  Develop an update that works on all your phones or stop support for older phones.  Apple, stop ruining our phones that we have paid for!

  42. ticked off says:

    I don’t have an iphone 4s just a 4, but I’ve been really frustrated since “upgrading”.  I can’t get my apps back on my phone for anything.  I am going to have to go to the apple store to see if they can help fix it….right now, 5.0.1 is a downgrade!

  43. Crazycoltfan says:

    I am getting very frustrated. Since I updated my phone now when I am on a call it automatically goes to the keypad on the screen and my cheek hits either the buttons ( making beep sounds) or it puts my call on speaker / hold…. This is UBER unacceptable to me. I tried by physically putting the call into the regular screen ( by pushing the main button on the phone) but it still manages to go back to the key pad. I hate this! Have I mentioned how frustrating this is!

  44. Msgrumpy says:

    according to Apple, the problem is not with their system!  and I’ll have to pay a fee for support when I have done nothing to cause the issues – not receiving push notifications, imessage not working.  doesn’t seem right to me.  i have a 3GS, updated to iOS 5.0.1

  45. Sadtosee says:

    some songs will not play on my touch.  they will play if i click on them in itunes, but when i disconnect my ipod and try to play the song it will not do it.

  46. Apple Helper! says:

    I too updated my iPhone 4 to 5.0.1 from 4.3.3. What it DIDN’T DO was,
    Show WiFi Hot Spots – Had to always reset NETWORK SETTINGS, which gives a temporary fix.
    Show Caller IDs (Calls+Messages) – Tried so many Cydia fixes but didn’t succeed! Coz a phone is all about,, who calls u & who u call.
    and it was slow in Sliding between home screen pages.
    So i down graded it back to 4.3.3. Had no other option. The higher percentage reports errors in updating to 5.0.1.
    What i think is, wait on 4.x.+ for a little longer for all these disputes to be rectified. Why rush into errors & hate your phone? Fixes will come.


  47. wire says:

    I have an unlocked Iphone 4s since November. Has worked fine until I got to Kyrgyzstan. Random sim card failures have been fixed with the upgrade to 5.0.1. 406 (from 405), but now it has gradually lost all ability to send. It still receives calls and texts, but does not send, and mobile data does not work. Help?

  48. Josio_12 says:

    I have an unlokced Iphone 3GS with IOS 5.0.1 and the Push Notifications does
    nt work , JUST THE EMAIL WORKS WITH PUSH< i tried EVERY  program downloading by Cydia and any works,  Can you guys help me fix the push notifications ?

  49. max says:

    Last week on the 28th of January 2012 at 7:48 pm , i noticed that my wifi on my ipod touch wasnt connected to the internet but it says on  the wifi in settings its on and connected and shows 3 bars and when i go on safari it says cant connect to the internet, or it says its not responding or something like that,and i keep trying to turn off and then turn on every 20 times to work and it did until a few days later i setup a password for my wifi and then later on (after another few days) it still does the same thing until  yesterday on the 8th of February 2012 it wont connect whatsoever, it says its connected and has 3 bars yet it says cannot connect and i’m thinking what the hell is going on , so i checked online and alot of people are having difficulties also but much different from mine, my wifi  and modem are fine its just my ipod touch ‘wifi’  please someone help me or hopefully this issue is fixed and i can go on my ipod touch internet again.

  50. dan says:

    crash, crash crash, running ios 5.0.1. my 32gig 4th gen touch was always fast with version 4.xxx. i have restored it to factory oem conditions, both from back up and as a new unit. clear all the background apps but its very slow to operate. its ok for running a couple of apps, but soon eats all the memory and wont release it unless the user quits the app completly ever time. this only works for a few apps before a reboot is necessary that is after several crashes of almost every application that is run, including safari, email, springboard lag, application launch lag etc… basically my compilation from the hundreds of other blogs and forum post suggest that ios 5.0.1 is to memory intensive (hog) for the limited ram that the ipod touch has. thats why it runs ok on the iphone as it has double the ram. microsoft could quell all the complaints by letting the ipod users download the 4.xxx versions.

  51. Miguelhernandez2130 says:

    i cant her nothing or anything on my ipod 4g thats running on 5.0.1 its jailbroken and i think that this new upgrade and jailbreak was the problem i need help 

  52. Kylester9000 says:

    I bought an app before upgrading to IOS 5.0.1 (I wasnt planning on updating back then) and it took quite a bit of convincing for my parents to agree to buying it. I JUST updated and I have to rebuy it. Help?

  53. X1cloe1x says:

    My iPod 4g is ok apart from the occasional freezes and some apps still make noises when the device is locked when they shouldn’t do. My iPod also gets extremely hot and the battery life is bad. Dead in 2 1/2 hours with non-stop use. It was fine before the update.

  54. ngeez says:

    My iPhone 4GS now says “No Service” in the upper left corner (although I can still make and receive calls), I cannot send text messages (but I can receive them), and my data no longer works (when outside of wifi zone I cannot use internet or any apps that use it such as Whatsapp).

    1. Numb_zhougar says:

      First try to power cycle the phone (turn off and turn it back on).
      While turned off take off s card wipe it with clean soft cloth. Reinsert and turn back on.

      If that didnt work reset network settings if its jailbroken after resting network settings you need to reboot it through whatever jailbreak tool you used.

      If all fails try to restore to itunes.

      For jailbroken phones

      1. Numb_zhougar says:

        Cont. for jailbroken phones you need to restore then rejailbreak again after you restore using itunes but if you have unlock use custome ipsw to preserve baseband

  55. Mblawson1989 says:

    Has anyone with the IPhone 4s expericed any difficulties with your camera freezing at the beginning of your phone usage, say maybe 2 days into having your phone? Also has anyone had difficulties getting the cursor to go to the correct letter when your trying to change a misspelled letter in a word that you have typed?

  56. Blaine says:

    I had absolutely no problems with the old IOS 4.2 something.  I installed 5.0.1 and the voice recognition is garbage.  I tell it to place songs by and it starts making a phone call or some other random command.  I’ve tried all kinds of commands that used to work and now perform random things.  I’m sorry I upgraded

  57. Danie1986panther says:

    Mine now has a cellular network issue which has really annoyed me as I can’t check Facebook or anything when I am out what a waste of money these phone are!!!

  58. Philippa says:

    I am well and truely stuck after upgrading to 5.0.1 on my Iphone 4.  It had a proplem during upload and the iphone is now stuck on the connect to itunes logo and itunes won’t reconise it.  I have uninstalled itunes and reinstalled it and still nothing.  I know have a useless phone!!!  HELP please

    1. K-S says:

       all you need to do is hold the power and home button until your iphone reboots, then keep your finger pressed onto the home button for approx 35-60 seconds and it should load up again!

  59. Stan Smith says:

    I was using the older version until a few days ago I updated to iOS 5.0.1…… I always charge my phone before bed and when I wake up it is usually always at 92%. After the update though, I charge my phone at night and when I wake up its usually at 59 or 60%… I don’t know why but my battery is draining WAY faster than before. I have an iPhone 4S by the way… I need to figure out how to revert back to the old version because I should not be losing over 40% of my battery life in 8 hours of not using it AT ALL… its very frustrating.. Apple, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

  60. Allivesc says:

    my ipod touch 3G lost most of the entries to the calendar after i upgraded to ios5.1. Battery life has not improved and I am having problems with the wifi connectivity. Can someone suggest a fix? Urgently need to have my calendar restored. Funny thin is when I downloaded a calendar app, it initially saw all the missing calendars and entries and then, after a brief blink, lost everything again. Other apps are also beginning to crash. Help!!!

  61. Shaunsm1 says:

    My 3 g network keeps dropping out and loses Internet after the up date was done. Still seams to have phone reception though… So pissed off and should not of done the update… It seams if you turn airplane mode off then on again it reconnects then drops out after 10 min.

  62. Bc Tucker says:

    my iphone 3gs became an ipod. no service, no sim and on the few occasions i got coverage, the phone wanted me to unlock it. same when receiving calls, i would have to unlock and I would lose the call as a consequence. my service guys have had it for 4 weeks now and they cant even get it to reboot….. great waste of software updates

  63. Fred_gibson_66 says:

    my iphone 3gs wiped everything when i updated and then every now and then it changes from easy unlock code to the difficult one and it will not sync my music or pictures on it anymore this update has created more drama for me then anything else

  64. Annah says:

    iMessage doesn’t always work so I have to wait for the send failure and retry as a text message. Also, I can’t connect to safari or any app that requires an Internet connection without being connected to wifi…pretty sure I’m supposed to be able to connect to it via 3G/4G… Haven’t noticed anything about the battery life, but then again it wasn’t bad even before the update. Those other two problems, though are getting really annoying.

  65. Jgwife2 says:

    I am having a problem with “dropped” calls. It’s not dropped per say. I can still hear the person on the other end but they can’t hear me. It began just before the os update. I assumed the update would fix the problem but it made it worse to the point of rendering g the cell phone portion useless!!! My husband restarted the network which helped but still after 15-20 minutes, it happens. I would love any advise!! Prior to this I loved my phone but since it is simply a source of frustration!

  66. Sceb93 says:

    If sending a text MSG that is less than 160 characters, it will put the last word on a separate text message. Annoying to me as the sender as I know I’m within the limits. Annoying to receiver as the last word may not come in the separate text message for 1 to 2 minutes later.

  67. Blk4627 says:

    When I updaed my 3Gs to 5.0.1I lost the iliy to add itmes to my calendar and new contacts.  I no longer have the + ign to add to either application

  68. Deathticket says:

    Ever since I updated to 5.0.1 my microphone does not work when I place a phone call on speaker but when I turn speaker off it works fine. It works fine in voice memos also! And my gps on camera is off when I take a picture its showing gps active

  69. Parisholly94 says:

    I just recently got the iphone 4 but i am changing from vodafone to t-mobile and transfering my number across, when i go to send a text it goes 95% of the way then stops and has the explanation mark, it only sends messages via imessage and i am supposed to have 750MB of internet except when i leave the house it doesnt let me acess the internet?

  70. Linwoods says:

    Since doing the update a few days ago I cannot connect to wifi anywhere, even in my own home standing beside the router. My phone says it is connected to my wifi, yet it takes a few minutes to try to open a browser and it keeps saying that “Safari cannot open the page because the server stopped working”.  My router is working for everything to do with my computer, except my iphone.

  71. Jacksont4 says:

    I have iphone 3GS
    And when ever i try to send a text it just exits the app
    And gose to the home screen also its not letting me receve
    Texts but i can make phone calls i have a texting plan
    And paydy bills but also it just completly shuts off and dosnt stop unless
    Its pluged in charging and i have no idea what to about this if any knows how to fix

  72. Coles59 says:

    I have a I phone 4 and an iPad 2 with this new update I now can seem to connect them together with wifi for tethering or even file sharing

  73. Ange says:

    I am having problems with the phone not ringing or being able to ring out. I have service but can’t dial in or out until I reboot the phone??

  74. Deanndekinder says:

    After the update before this last, my quick camera function in lock screen stopped working. After this latest “update” it still doesn’t work and now my iPhone 4 is more like a glorified iPod. It is lacking the ability to have cell service. Can only be used for wifi capabilities.

  75. Iamtheboss6 says:

    I just recently did the upgrade and now my speacker and volume doesn’t work. I can see the bar but NOTHING happens. A while back I had done the upgrade and had to go into the apple store and they reset it back to my old upgrade before this newer version. But I forgot that this 5.0.1 did this and did the upgrade by mistake and it seams like Im having more issues than before. This is a huge problem as I need to hear my phone when my chlldren are calling. I really wish that apple would fix this issue as it puts lots of people out…

  76. stace3 says:

    i am having a problem since i updated my i phone 3gs when i go onto the phone app it just goes back to the home screen and then when i open contacts it also goes back to the home screen.

  77. Sweetspell says:

    After updating my iphone 4 and i pad 2 to 5.0.1, i cant sync photo via itunes. Its say sync is completed but there no photo in photo apps. Sometimes my icon on springboard also missing and turn to white without any picture. Sometimes syncing paid apps also got the problem. Itunes say its done, but there are no newly installed apps on my iphone. I think im gonna change my phone to android based OS.. 

  78. Raycleek says:

    my calling and texting isn’t working and it says i don’t have service but yet my wifi still works just as good as it always has

  79. Lilone_20 says:

    My overdrive media app will not work, it use to take less than a minute to download the audiobook files now it’s taking any where from 1 hour to all night and sometimes the file that downloaded starts over in the middle of a book! I can’t find any help on this! Very frustrated as I lived my phone before the update now it’s nothing but issues!!

  80. Juliew says:

    One new bug noticed on the new 5.0.1 operating system is that bluetooth headset devices now drop and re-connect every 2-3 minutes.  I have two Bluetooth headsets and it is an issue with both, a Plantronics and a Motorola.  

  81. Quiacusan5 says:

    My 4g just quit working all together! it worked for about 2 days since I did the update. it shut off on its own and now won’t turn on at all! it just keeps showing the apple and then it disappears, apple and disappears! i plugged it into my Mac, & it does nothing! I plugged it into just a regular power outlet and the “plug into iTunes” came up so i unplugged it to hook it up to my mac and it fully shuts off! i was better off with the old outdated software! this sucks!!!!! APPLE 5.1.1 YOU SUCK

  82. everytimeidoug says:

    I just recently updated to 5.1.1 and since then I have been “receiving” calls, but, whats actually happening is I am “making” calls. So when my phone rings I answer it and the person on the other end is already saying, “Hello?” They all keep saying I called them. One person said I called 3 times in a row and when they answered all 3 times it went straight to voicemail. I’ve taken it to Verizon and they tried fixing it twice but its still doing it.

  83. Mikeshadium says:

    Soon as the update became available on my phone (which I have not yet installed) I have not been able to receive calls, WTF???

  84. Mactavishtwo says:

    My iphone software completely disappeared. I was able to restore the software, and my telephone number, but I lost phone numbers and pictures, and my phone won’t sync to itunes. All I tried to do was update my phone. I spent 4 hours just getting the phone back to factory settings!

  85. Tyatty says:

    Got a 4s in April, and the ‘glitches’ are mind-boggling – inability to play voicemail, receipt of vm hours after the call; receipt of same text message multiple times and for hours; calls that don’t ring but just go into inaccessible voicemail, etc. Frankly, I don’t care whether it’s Apple’s fault, Sprint’s fault, or a combination of both.  My gut told me to get an andriod. I should have listened.

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