Apple and Samsung in patent fight over Galaxy Nexus

Well we all know when it comes to patent disputes there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung, and it appears that Apple is again targeting old Sammy in the patent law courts, this time the iOS company is suing Samsung over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus using their “slide to unlock” patented feature.

According to the guys over at iDownload Blog by way of AllthingsD, the word is Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over that “slide to unlock” tech on the Galaxy Nexus in Germany.

Back in October 2011, Apple was granted the patent for the “slide to unlock” feature in their iOS devices, and several Android makers have already use the feature on Android handsets, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Apple has got their legal team onto the matter.

This is also the first time Apple has targeted the Android Ice Cream sandwich packing smartphone as a patent infringing device.

Of course Apple could well have a legitimate case here as there are other ways of unlocking a device that doesn’t require sliding to the right, but as the Galaxy Nexus does use the slide to unlock feature perhaps Sammy will come to some licensing agreement with Apple for its use.

If not, well no doubt we can expect Samsung and Google to put up a hefty fight against Apple as it would appear Apple is dead set on going after anything used by Android, and no doubt this new fight will continue for quite some time yet.

Thus it would appear that the Apple against Android fight continues and no doubt we will be seeing more battles in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Apple and Samsung in patent fight over Galaxy Nexus”

  1. Rob says:

    Apple, the company that for it not for the iPhone and iPod, would be bankrupt again is so frightened that someone is going to get one up on them.  It is no better than little children fighting over a toy.  Who cares if one has a slider of not?  Apple sees the iOS as a system they better preserve and get their hardware up to date of Android is going to continue to surpass them in the US and world wide.  They never were the best business bunch or Bill Gates would not of had to infuse their company with millions of dollars just to keep them afloat. 

    Apple should take a lesson from IBM and not be so concerned about the propriety of their products and let the public have a more open architecture.  You can see how that closed minded approach worked for IBM.

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