Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Cruzer Lite Androidified A2 cases

A few years ago when mobile phones were on the chunky side of stylish, shrouding them in a protective case didn’t really alter the outside aesthetics. I mean back then they didn’t really slip into your pocket with ease, and if you managed to jam it in there you looked like you were concealing a hidden weapon.

Nowadays though our smartphones are beautifully crated, slim and attractive, to cover them with anything seems like sacrilege. Packing a protective case unless absolutely necessary takes away part of the reason why we chose the device in the first place.

Fear not though, as Cruzerlite have stepped up to the plate for the Galaxy Nexus owners, with its Androidfied cases. As Droid Life report, the range of transparent covers come in a mixture of smoke, green, blue, pink, clear and black, with other options also available.

Swamped with style the Cruzerlite cases are said to fit like the proverbial glove, even if the phone is saddled with the extended battery pack. For $9.90 it seems like a cracking deal, but to make it even better, if you order 3 you get 1 for free, bargain! Tell us if you have discovered the Androidfied cases, or if you have any favorites for covering your device?


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