Upcoming phones will give you health checks

Our smartphones can perform such a wide array of tasks that we are almost at the point when carrying anything else will be pointless. We can access our bank accounts, pay bills and check our emails through our mobiles. There is technology that allows us to enter and start our vehicles just by having our phones with us. That’s not forgetting that we can even use our devices to play music and actually call someone!

But how far can mobile technology go? Well according to a report from ABC Science, there is the possibility of future phones measuring your health and even telling if you have cancer. Scientists at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science stated that touchscreens as found in smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices recognize the electronic charges from a users body when it touches the screen.

With Biochemical’s like protein and DNA molecules carrying specific electronic charges, their research has confirmed that touch screens are able to recognize DNA molecules when they come into contact, just like in current medical tests. These results could be the first steps into touch screens being able to allow phones to be used like a diagnostic tool to give you a health check.

Impressive stuff, but picture the scene, you ask Siri to tell you how your day is and it lets you know that you only have two meetings but you may as well cancel them as you have a rare disease! Give us your thoughts on these findings, do you think that your mobile telling you if you are suffering from a common cold or even worse is a good idea?

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