Flexible iPhone & iPad batteries, reshaping designs

When it comes to smartphones and tablets it seems that most feel the batteries need to perform better and deliver longer life before having to charge your device; however it appears that when it comes to Apple and their iOS devices, it’s not about battery life but more about the shape of the battery and whether it can allow for a thinner product.

According to an article over on ITProtortal, by way of Patently Apple, the word is Apple is looking at flexible batteries to enable their iPhone and Apple iPad to be much slimmer and Apple has filed a patent application with the US Patent Office.

Apparently USPO published Apple’s patent application on the 19th of January this year, and states, “Apple’s invention relates to a battery cell which includes a set of electrode sheets of different dimensions arranged in a stacked configuration to facilitate efficient use of space inside a portable electronic device.”

The guys say that the new battery design could be an “L-shape” a “pie-shape” a “pyramid design”, “toroidal shape,” or even a “triangular shape” or “cone shape” but it basically depends on the designers imagination and the space required.

No doubt if Apple new shaped batteries get off the ground they wont be around in time for the Apple iPad 3 or even the iPhone 5 which is expected later this year.

However, wouldn’t you rather Apple was working on getting a battery to late a lot longer than the batteries of today rather than trying to reduce the size of a battery so they can get their iDevices thinner?

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