Verizon iPhone sales singles out Android carriers

The Verizon iPhone outsold each company running Android Phones, such as HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, and if you consider that Verizon sold 10.8 million iPhones in 2011 and in the same year 15 million Android phones were sold, it stands to reason that the Verizon iPhone outsold every single Android carrier, but we must remember it is about the operating system, and Android is more popular than iOS on Verizon.

Having said that, old Android isn’t doing too badly in the mobile space, as I am sure you will agree. According to the latest Verizon figures by way of Droid-life and CNN, during the forth quarter the Big Red pushed out some 7.7 million smartphones, which helped towards the 70 percent of their entire two-year contract wireless sales.

Of those 7.7 million iOS devices accounted for 4.3 million whilst the remained was made up of various Android handsets, Windows Phone devices and BlackBerry devices.

However apparently doing business with Apple comes at a hefty price, as word is some analysts are somewhat concerned over although Verizon managed to shift record numbers of handsets, revenue isn’t looking that great due to the high subsidies on iDevices offered by the Big Red.

Apparently it takes years for wireless carries to recoup returns on sales of Apple gear, but no doubt the Big Red will survive. According to figures, wireless sales grew by 13 percent to a record $18.3 billion but thanks to the iPhone Verizon’s wireless earnings dropped 5 percent in the quarter and their wireless profit margin was squeezed to 42 percent, which is down from 48 percent in the previous quarter.

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