HP webOS open source 2012, Enyo first

If you are a lover of the webOS platform and thought that HP had finally laid the ailing mobile operating system to rest you can think again because HP has now released the first open source component of webOS including a calendar showing when the webOS source code will become totally open.

According to an article over on Cnet, by way of the HP WebOS Developer Blog, the first webOS component to hit open source is Enyo, which is a developer tool enabling the writing of a single application that works on multiple mobile devices and computer browsers including webOS, Android, Chrome, IE, iOS, and Firefox.

Word is HP intends on releasing several components a month up until September, and next month will see the release of the project governance model, QT Webkit extensions, UI Enyo widgets and JavaScript core.

In March will come the graphics extension EGL, Linux kernel, USB extensions, and LevelDB, whilst and update to Enyo and Ares 2.0 will land in April followed by a break until July.

Come July HP will deliver the Luna system manager along with Enyo 2.2 and core applications, whilst August will see a build release model along with an Open WebOS beta with v1.0 of the source code being pushed out in September.

Apparently HP has stated that all webOS source code will be released under the Apache license, so there you have it the schedule for when HP will release all webOS components.

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