iPhone 5 to break 4S success and earnings

Californian company Apple it’s fair to say, hit the phone world by storm when they first introduced the iPhone handset a while back. The latest introduction back in October 2011 was that of the new iPhone 4S which despite disappointment of the iPhone 5 not coming, has propelled massive earnings for the company.

The iPhone 5 is still reported to be on its way with many rumored specifications, along with mixed reports of when the handset will officially be announced. According to cnet.com, revenue figures for the last quarter ending December 31st, were reported from the Cali company being upped to $46.33 billion with profits totalling $13.06 billion or $13.87 per share.

Now as we’ve got into a brand new year for the current quarter, Apple have reported revenue expectations of $32.5 billion with projected earnings of $8.50 per share. Coincidentally the company’s gross profit margin for the quarter has bee reported as 44.7% up 38.5% from the same quarter of 2011.

Interestingly new CEO Tim Cook has made reference to their earnings with news of “some amazing new products in the pipeline.” Although Apple’s iPhone 5 (if its called this) with its rumored specs and release date are yet to be made official, we know there are many of you still wanting the new handset. We have to ask whether the figures will exceed any expectation when the next gen Apple smartphone makes its entrance?

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Let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 5? Are you waiting, what would you like to see? Will this set Apple’s figures sky-high?

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