Waterproof iPhone 5 sinks to new depths?

Despite Apple’s new iPhone 4S releasing to many countries, some customers have still been left feeling disappointed that a brand new revamped version wasn’t released in October 2011. Leading up to that month, rumors had for some time been pointing to the Cali company bringing out the new iPhone 5, but instead the 4S, notably the same in appearance to the iPhone 4, came with additions such as Siri, A5 processor, 8MP camera, iOS 5 and so on.

The iPhone 5 is still rumored to be coming later on this year, and again until officially released, we have a multitude of what if’s to play with! Recently, here at Phones Review we’ve told you about a concept phone seen with a wider appearance and missing home button, inclusion of 4G LTE, 3D technology and so on. Today according to thedailymail.co.uk, its been reported that Apple along with Samsung have been looking into getting their smartphones kitted out with a special ‘nanotech’ spray coating, allowing the device to be waterproof.

Good news for those that have a habit of dropping their smartphone into water. If rumour does have any depth to it, then this could affect the iPhone 5, currently the company demonstrating the new spray coating are in the process of showing it off to Apple.

The special coating (HZO) is sprayed over components including the ports on devices, leaving them with a waterproof protection film.

Give us your thoughts on the iPhone 5 possibly being waterproofed? Sound good to you? How many times have you dropped your phone in water?


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  1. I always wondered when they would come out with something that would protect the phone from water especially with the cost of these electronics.  I’m sure tablets and laptops… will get the spray treatment as well.

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