Phones to put other gadgets to sleep

When mobile phones were first released you were lucky if it had an LCD screen to view the number you were dialing. Back then your mobile was for calling or being called and your Internet and email duties were firmly the territory of your home computer. How things have changed, we can now simply carry our smartphones and be in contact with all our emails and social media family at the swipe of a touch screen.

Obviously with the advance in mobile technology come leaps forward in computer advancement. As I sit here tapping away on my MacBook Air, I am reminded of my previous laptops that were chunky and heavy. I openly admit though that if I need to quickly check my emails or need to glance at something I’m watching on eBay, my iPhone is my first port of call.

This got me thinking about how things may turn out, because of the ease of using either a smartphone or tablet, will the need for home computers or even laptops fade away. If you need to update your Facebook status or email a work colleague, your smartphone falls easily to hand. If you need to compose something slightly larger then your tablet steps up, even if it needs an optional QWERTY keyboard, the technology is there.

Here at Phones Review we are interested in your thoughts, do you think that with the available functions on the latest smartphones and tablets, computers and laptops will be destined for the bottom shelf? Do you use your mobile or tablet more than your computer? Give us your thoughts.

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