iPhone 4S Raspberry Pi double graphic speeds claim

There have been a few performance claims via Raspberry Pi executive director Eben Upton talking about the company’s micro PCs, but what is more interesting is the that the new devices outperform NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset, even more intriguing is that it will give twice the amount iPhone 4S graphic speeds.

Apparently it will double the iPhone 4S’ performance, if this is the case surely this would kill the battery, it is already problematic as it is without given it better performance.

Electronista talks about the BCM2835 and its tile mode architecture, and how it will kill immediate-mode devices like Tegra on fill-rate, it has been configured with a huge amount of shader performance, and then it gets to the word “Should” double iPhone 4S performance.

These are speculating claims surely, the micro PCs come with an ARM11 chip, this is a little above what we know as we are not into this sort of tech, but personally doubling the iPhone 4S graphic speeds is a no go in our eyes, The iPhone 5 might be a better smartphone to play with to give us a benchmark.

What do you think?

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