Sharp Q-Pot phone (SH-04D): Docomo Valentine’s release

When we are on the look out for a new smartphone what things do we look for? Some look for spec and features while others will go with their favorite brand. For the style conscious, the need for a new device could be driven to looking for something a little bit tasty, and this is where the Sharp Q-Pot Phone SH-04D steps in.

Using Q-Pot’s name that is known in Japan for accessory fashion, the new device looks like a melting block of chocolate. Packed with a 3.7-inch display and running on Android’s 2.3 OS, the new Sharp phone benefits from an 8MP camera, along with a wireless charger aptly named ‘Chocobed.’

Releasing on Valentines Day which for those that may need reminding is the 14th February, on Docomo, the handset as theverge.com advised will need to be scooped up fairly quickly as the phone will be limited to stock.

Let us know whether you are looking for something out of the ordinary on this Valentines Day? Does the new Sharp Q-Pot on Docomo tempt you?

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