Droid RAZR Maxx ’21 hour’ battery vow

We recently reported on Motorola’s latest Droid Razr Maxx smartphone and how Verizon had given waiters an official release date and price. As we know, specs for the Maxx are impressive enough with its looks pretty much identical to that of the Droid Razr. Furnished with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, it certainly holds its own against the competition.

So you get a stylish smartphone that looks as close to its slightly older brother, but with the words Maxx at the end of the title! But why would you choose it? Well according to a report by PC World, the new Razr tackles one of the areas that the older model suffered from, power!

You see Motorola lays claim to the fact that the Razr Maxx can achieve 21 hours of talk time off a single charge. Whereas the majority of 4G devices are drained quite quickly in the battery department, the Maxx is said to excel. While the talk time claims are yet to be confirmed, it has been noted that the Razr Maxx’s power source was hardly affected after a trial run of video streaming and gaming over LTE.

Now we all like the idea of extended power from our smartphone’s, so come the Motorola event on Feb 6th it will be interesting to see the device put through its paces. As we previously reported the showing will be held over 24 hours with a Razr Maxx left on throughout the entire period.

We will keep you posted on the outcome, in the meantime give us your thoughts about battery life being extended, will this push other manufacturers to look into improvements?


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