Cross-platform BBM possibilities: Android or iPhone?

Gone are the days of the big ‘brick like’ mobile phones that only gave us a small handful of features, with the replacement of slim lightweight handsets with dual-core processors, cameras, social networking features and of course the benefit of being able to text a variety of people.

Whilst Android and iOS phones are taking over the current phone market and the BlackBerry handset takes a back seat, its fair to say that one of the selling points to the latter is the BBM messaging service, particularly popular amongst the younger generation. iOS users still benefit from its very own iMessage service, but BBM is only available on the BlackBerry handset, is it about time that a cross-platform service could be made possible across Android or say the iPhone devices?

According to crackberry.com, in an recent interview with RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins, he was asked whether the platform BBM would ever come to other platforms? In response he said, “You should never rule this out, there is a time where this might make sense.”

With a big interest in the platform becoming available on other devices, Heins added, “People should not put the topic of licensing into a black or white category,” he said he is “open for licensing if it makes sense and that he was hired to take BlackBerry to new heights.”

Let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see BBM on other platforms such as Android or iPhone? Give us your feedback, we would like to see how the response differs?


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