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No matter what type of mobile phone contract you are on, you can always find a way of saving money and making it better. This is a serious matter with customers at the moment where they believe others are getting a better deal, well now is the time for you to act upon getting one yourself.

Most of the leading operators such as Orange, O2 and so forth have the price match promise, and this is where you step in to see if they stand true. We have decided to talk about this a little because we have had many emails about saving money on mobile phone contracts, we looked into this a little further and asked many of our friends, family and a few people at shopping areas if they were happy about their mobile phone contract. This is where we decided to give you a few tips on how you can get more for your money.

Now is the time to haggle for a better mobile phone contract: Haggling is the key factor here, you do not have to be an expert to achieve what you want, so do not be frightened in ringing up your operator for a better deal, most of them will be happy to give what you want as they want to keep you. What do you want? Normally it is about getting more for your monthly contract price, such as more minutes, more texts, unlimited data etc.

Most of the emails and replies from customers resulted in the same thing, they wanted more for their money. One reply mentions that they phoned O2 and said to them that they wanted more minutes and texts for what they are paying now, if they could not give them what they wanted they would defect to Orange, they are now getting what they asked for as well as a new phone.

There are a few tips to follow here, always haggle with operators when your contract is coming to an end, look around with others to see what deal they can offer you, this gives you a benchmark in what you can haggle with, they might be the same price but may give more, and NEVER worry if they say no and cannot give you a certain deal, if they say no just tell them you will think about it.

For example if say you are on O2 and they giving you 300 minutes and unlimited texts for say arguments sake £30, but Orange or Three etc are offering 500 minutes and unlimited texts for the same price, call O2 and let them know this, this is an example the figures about are hypothetical.

I personally have phoned O2 and asked for a better deal and they have always be very good indeed, but this does not just work here in the UK, it can be done in any country if you are on a contract, haggle for more is our motto.

Be persistent, you may be told a deal cannot be made, let them know that this is not good enough and I will leave you for XXXX, you have the power to get what you want, if you do not, then simply end your contract and move on, If they say no, just look around like we said above and you may possibly get a better deal, if not, ring your operator and say OK you will continue your contract.

Negotiating is best policy, you want to save money, and the operator wants your money, it’s a simple process in life for both parties.

Trying to save money, like getting you £30 contract down to say £20 will not work in most cases, but getting more minutes or texts will be successful. Do not get greedy, do a little homework with other operators, see what they have to offer and write these down, that way you have a bargaining barter with your contract supplier, they can then check this out for themselves and say ok XXXX here is what we can offer you.

It is as simple as: Do not stress, look around and see what other operators are offering and write these down, if your contract is coming to an end ring your contract supplier and say that XXXX can offer you this for the same price you are paying with them, haggle with them.

To save you walking around endlessly or doing mass amounts of phone or Internet searching, you may want to check out MobilePhoneChecker, they have a great system where you slide a few sliders to search what you want.

Please let us know if you have done a little haggle for a better mobile phone contract?


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