Windows Phone Tango 120 languages & NDK possibility

With many smartphone devices making their way onto retailer shelves, one of the choices for users is that of the operating system, be it iOS, Android or even Windows Phone and it’s the latter that we wanted to turn our attention to. In the pipeline, its been reported that Microsoft will be upping their current 7.5 Mango OS to that of Tango.

The new Tango is something that we touched upon at the tail end of 2011, with it possibly being incorporated onto Nokia’s new ‘Champagne’ Windows Phone that is reportedly on its way. According to theverge.com, Tango ‘s new platform with new features will give it a more ‘international’ feel.

One benefit to the new Tango will be the inclusion of more language support. Currently the Mango OS gives some 35 languages matching that of Apple’s iOS OS, but with the new Tango, languages could be upped to that of 120 making forthcoming smartphones a more feasible option.

At a recent developer event in India, the new Tango was a talking point with mention of more languages, including support for C++ code which would allow game developers to get the best performance out of their hardware, putting them on parr with Android’s use of Native Development Kit (NDK).

Is this news to your ears? Give us your thoughts on Windows Phone introducing more language support and NDK possibility?

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