2012 Super Bowl Samsung Galaxy Note big ad teaser

A new teaser video has made it online via Samsung Mobile USA, this is going to be ‘The Next Big Thing’, and the 2012 Super Bowl on Feb 5th is going to be where the full ad will be aired.

The first ever advert will happen during the Super Bowl, and this is where you will see the announcement to launch the Galaxy Note. No one is too sure at the moment why Samsung have decided to release an early teaser video (Watch Below) of the upcoming Super Bowl ad for the Galaxy Note, but hey they have so please enjoy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note will release February 19th for $299 on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, according to certain sources. Getting the word out about its release at the Giants vs Patriots game, is a real good way to start advertising in getting the word out loud and clear.

So put in your diary February 5th and Super Bowl Sunday, and you will see the full Galaxy Note advertisement. This is where Samsung will show of “The Next Big Thing.” Please do visit the Samsung Facebook page.

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