iPhone 5 NFC inclusion, do you want it?

Whilst Near Field Communication (NFC) technology remains a key feature for some smartphone manufacturers, Cali Company Apple are still lagging behind in incorporating this very add-on into their iPhone devices. When we talk about the use of NFC, we are in fact talking about the use of a chip that allows you to pay for purchases using your smartphone, which works when you place your device over a special reader.

With Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 rumoured to be surfacing at some point this year, we wanted to gauge the interest for the implementation of NFC onto Apple’s newest addition. Last year before the iPhone 4S arrived, transpiring rumours of what specifications the handset would include also talked about the use of NFC onto the next iPhone. It never happened, but the rumours have re-surfaced and according to Slashgear via 9to5mac.com, Apple software engineers are ‘heavy into NFC.’

This comes as one unknown developer has apparently stated that individually they are working on an iPhone app supporting NFC technology, if only the incorporation of NFC onto the next iPhone was quite so straightforward. It isn’t, there are other factors to consider, software makers with payment from service providers, mobile carriers and so on are all key factors in making NFC work!

Let us know if you are waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive? Perhaps you are currently using a smartphone with this very feature, and if so how are you getting on with it?

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