Mystery Samsung Galaxy S3 March 13 release is madness

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not going to be unveiled at MWC 2012, instead it will get its own separate event, but according to a rumour it will still land in March.

Will the SGS3 really release on March 13th? Considering that Samsung has released a teaser ad promoting the Galaxy Note with the full ad being aired on February 5th at the Super Bowl, hold on a minute, maybe the ad will air the SGS3, now there is a thought.

Rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy SIII are astonishing; being them true or false we always report them as you never know, we already reported that the SGS3 will not be making an appearance at the MWC 2012 event, but instead will have its very own separate special event on its own.

Things are a little confusing at the moment, especially when it comes to a release date, but Droid-Life reports by way of MobileCowboys that March 13th is the date that the handset will release in Turkey, to tell you the truth at the moment we would have more chance of aliens coming down from another planet to take over the world.

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 does decide to land in our hands, we know the Android beauty will be a winner, it is all madness at the moment when it comes to official specs and release dates, so we just got to plod on with what may happen instead of what WILL happen.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for it. Samsung raised the bar for smartphones so high with the SGSII, no other phone know to man matches it, they just need to improve battery life to last at least 24 hours with very heavy use.

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