Spoka light, hack allows Android phone control

When you spend as much time as we at Phones Review do sourcing information about the worlds latest new devices, you are bound to come across some strange mobile extras. Some we just let pass us by, but occasionally we feel that we should let you know about them.

In this instance we spotted a report from IKEA Hackers, about an IKEA Spoka night-light. Now while you might question what a night-light is doing on our pages, let me explain. This little blob shaped light has been modified, not only to change color, but also to do it whilst being controlled by an Android smartphone.

With the use of the light itself, an Android handset, ATtiny microcontroller and a Bluetooth board, this lantern is able to scroll though its colored lighting. A simple app program designed for the Android device, allows a 3 axes style joystick to alter the lights color.

Future plans would be to include color change whilst playing music through your handset and even light activated colors depending on whether you receive an email or Facebook update. Obviously there will be those out there that ask the question why? All we can say is, because they can. But feel free to give us your thoughts?

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