Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus & Note: release bombardments

Recently my colleague Mark revealed that there is a rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will release on the 13th of March are a special event. Well the originators of that particular rumoured Galaxy S3 release date apparently have other information on a couple of Samsung devices that will release later in 2012.

According to the guys over on Motoring Crunch, the origins of the SGS3 release rumour came from Dutch website Mobile Cowboys, and said website now claims an unnamed source has seen a Samsung sales list that shows two new Sammy dives coming out to play this year.

Those devices are the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note S and are said to be surfacing in the mobile space sometime by Q4 of 2012.

However, other than tipping that the Galaxy S2 Plus and Galaxy Note S will arrive by Q4, no other information has been given about the devices, thus obviously without any confirmation of these devices all his remains firmly in the land of rumour and speculation and should be treated as such.

Whether the Samsung Galaxy S3 will release on or about the 13th of March remains to be seen, but if these guys are correct on that score then we could take it that they are correct about the Galaxy S2 Plus and Galaxy Note S…guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus & Note: release bombardments”

  1. Brocky202003 says:

    Galaxy s2 plus Q4 doesnt sound right, will the S2 still be on the market when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled circa 2013. Honestly Samsung, just let it die already, this isnt 2011 anymore, the S2 had its fun in the sun, release the goddamned S3 already instead of milking a soon to be obsolete dying model.

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