Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo, backward compatible apps

Here at Phones Review, we’ve been able to give you snippets of information surrounding the new Windows 8 from Microsoft with new platform version now codenamed Apollo. Although information may have been a little vague, further details have filtered through thanks to a video that has been seen, featuring Senior VP and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore.

New features and themes according to pocketnow.com have been reported including Hardware changes, Application ecosystem, Data management, Windows 8 integration with Business support.

Changes to look forward to as stated by Belfiore include, the new Apollo supporting multiple processors, this in itself is good news as the current Mango 7.5 only allows for a single-core processor at any given moment. Also removable microSD card storage along with new screen resolutions, support for NFC allowing Windows 8 devices to transfer information by way of tapping it to one another.

Skype users will be keen to learn that Microsoft’s video (which we have to add was only fit for Nokia purposes) is set to include a ‘Skype Client’ with ‘deep integration.’ A piece of information we have to point out here, is that although significant changes can be seen to a desktop kernel, current Windows Phone apps as reported, will be backwards compatible.

What are your initial thoughts towards the new list of Windows 8 features?

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