Windows Phone Xbox Live Bullet Asylum game preview video

If you own a Windows Phone smartphone and like playing Xbox Live games there is a new game arriving in the Windows Marketplace tomorrow the 8th of February called Bullet Asylum, and for those Windows Phone gamers out there we have a preview video of Bullet Asylum for Windows Phone for your viewing consideration below.

The Xbox Live game Bullet Asylum for Windows Phone preview video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocket Now, and delivers an almost six minute look at Bullet Asylum for Windows Phone in action.

The guys say that the game graphics style resembles that of “Orbital” and “Our Manic Game,” where all the elements seem to be made of coloured light beams, a very futuristic “Tron-like” effect along with a great soundtrack.

Apparently Bullet Asylum of Windows Phone offers 3 gaming modes, Arcade, Survival, and Architect mode, in Arcade you face waves of enemies and end up defeating Boss after 5 waves, Survival mode throws enemies at you for as long as the gamer can survive, and Architect mode allows the gamer to use credits to build their arsenal of weapons along the bottom and fight off enemies your own way.

As said previously Bullet Asylum for Windows Phone becomes available on the 8th of Feb and will command a price tag of $2.99 although there will be a free trial version available as well.

So with all that said and done all you need do now is head on down and mash that play button to check out Bullet Asylum for Windows Phone in action…enjoy.

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