Xperia S smartphone camera shootout video

Smartphones these days all come with more than passable cameras on board and some of the more high-end devices feature lenses that can outdo those found on traditional ‘compact cameras’, causing discerning consumers to ditch their digital snappers in favour of a phone.

However, with so many around, it’s sometimes hard to decide, which to plump for, and the myriad of tech sites, whilst offering sound pre-purchase advice, can often be quite daunting for the casual reader presenting reams of impenetrable jargon and confusing spec details.

If only someone would come along and just tell us which device is top of the pile when it comes to picture-taking prowess, preferably in an easily digestible and light-hearted fashion, y’know, so you don’t fall asleep halfway through and end up being harangued into buying a Nokia N-Gage from a Del Boy type, such is your lack of mobile knowledge.

Well, thankfully for the less-than-techy out there, loveable high street retailer scamps Phones 4u have come up with a rather amusing video in which they pit four of the topper most smartphones of the moment against each other, to find out which has the most commendable snapper.

Now this delightful little video doesn’t put the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy SII, Nokia Lumia 800 and Xperia S from Sony through the most scientific of tests, but if you’re a fan of Clint Eastwood, Deadwood and/or the films of Sergio Leone, you’ll love their epic Western Smartphone Shootout. Take a look at the video below.


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