Verizon offers free Droid RAZR & Maxx

Verizon’s Motorola lineup consisting of the Droid RAZR,RAZR Maxx and the forthcoming Droid 4 handsets will all be benefiting from the latest carrier promotions from this Friday 10th February. Each bringing with them an impressive specs sheet, customers will enjoy not only a ‘double data’ promotion, but also the option of buying a handset and getting a second one free.

From this Friday according to cnet.com, customers new and old can enjoy twice the amount of capacity on a new 4G LTE smartphone, when they sign up to a $30 data plan with voice and text messaging promotions. Customers may want to take notice of this, with the new Droid 4 handset coincidentally releasing on Friday as well.

But what caught our eye is the buying of one Droid handset and getting the second one for free! The latest deal from Friday 10th will apply to the latest 4G LTE handsets being that of the Droid RAZR and fast RAZR Maxx.

Other promotional deals to attract and entice customers to Verizon include, upgrades to existing phone customers giving a $30 gift card to trade in their current handset, and advice is to check with Verizon what handsets this applies to! Another benefit to customers shopping with the big red US carrier Verizon, is that on purchasing a new lower or higher ended smartphone, the company will offer $100 off the price of any 4G tablet.

Check out some other posts in which we’ve taken a look at the three Droid handsets in question, be it comparisons, prices, accessory information and so on.

Let us know if you are a new or existing Verizon customer? Are you tempted by the Friday deals, if so which?


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