Nokia Symbian Belle update with personality

If you are amongst the Symbian faithful out there still holding on to your trusty old Symbian smartphone, you might just like to know that you can now update your device to Nokia Belle that delivers a new experience to your Symbian handset with a multitude of enhancements and improved performance.

According to the guys over at Nokia Conversations, Nokia Belle brings more personalised options enabling the user to choose up to 6 home screens that can be personalised, and there is a new larger live widget display.

The improved Nokia Belle user interface also features a visually improved browser for viewing and browsing high quality web videos, imaging applications with HD video recording at 30fps, the addition of a notifications bar, and simplified menus, and also offers a wider range of Microsoft apps such as OneNote and Lync.

The Nokia Belle update is for the Nokia N8, Nokia X7, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia Oro whilst Nokia Belle for the Nokia 500 will be made available in the coming weeks.

The OS update will be available across the majority of markets including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, India, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

To update your Nokia handset to Nokia Belle you will require the latest version of Nokia Suite 3.3 or above on your computer and will need to connect your smartphone via USB cable to download the update.

We have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure below, one is an introduction to Nokia Belle whilst the other is a tutorial on how to update to Nokia Belle so don’t forget to hit those up.

To any of our Nokia readers out there that have grabbed the Nokia Belle update we’d love to know what you think of the new operating system and if everything works fine on your device so feel free to let us know by shouting out to our comments area below.

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16 thoughts on “Nokia Symbian Belle update with personality”

  1. Plunjer says:

    Oh it is lovely ! Updated my N8, and got rid of a lot of little frustrations such as predictive text, which is now smarter. UI looks great on the N8, much more fluid, and many little improvements  from mail to the browser. Quicker and easier to do many tasks by requiring less keystrokes.
    If this had come out when the N8 was launched, Nokia wouldn’t be struggling as much as they are now !

  2. David says:

    Have to agree and disagree with Plunger, there are many improvements but also many big letdowns. There is vastly improved scrolling and the way you set up homescreens is greatly improved and i am finding many other good things as i use the phone, but and its a fairly big ‘but’ why have they made all the widgets take up so much space, it seems that you need the extra homescreens just to have the exact same amount of information available. On my previous phone i had on my homescreen clock widget,date,profile,calendar widget,email widget,text/missed call notifications widget,and still had room for 8 shortcuts, i can now only fit clock widget,e-mail widget and calendar widget that is a massive dissapointment as having extra homescreens seemed great at first. I really hope that someone starts to bring out some alternatives to the standard widgets soon. The music widget used to take up the same screen space as a row of 4 shortcuts but now takes up half a screen as it shows the album cover, unless i’m missing something i can’t see how to change it. I realise that many people will prefer the slicker looks and feel of the update but for me it has drastically reduced the practical nature of the phone which was the main reason i chose it in the first place!

  3. Riv_friday says:

    Just 3 days into it, my E7 is much faster. Battery is ok, but i dont like big app icons when we open the menu. scrolling at the tip is a breeze, huge improvements on the UI, everything loads much faster!

  4. Dinglefoot says:

    Updated my Nokia N8 to Belle Lost my Trimble Navagator Geocaching app that I purchased 30 ago for £26.99 I now find its been removed from the Ovi shop and I cant reinstalt with Belle firmware Im now trying to get a refund from Nokia but they are making it hard work Im being passed from pillar to post. The worst thing is I cant use my N8 Purchased Oct 2011 for geocaching I wish I had purchased an android phone its the last Nokia  I ever buy

  5. Andiwood says:

    In A couple of words…. “It Sucks”… destroyed my phone, as a useful piece of kit!… cant roll it back, and now stuck with what is virtually useless until upgrade time!!!!.
    Want to know whats wrong???… well hows this for a few snippits:-

    Text messages no longer show the name of the texter.. .just a load of numbers!..
    You cannot view by conversation!
    Callers again only identified by number… no name!
    Buttons smaller!
    Cannot view any picture taken since “Upgrade”!
    Lost all apps!!.. free and paid for!
    Everytime a call is completed, the music library updates!

    The list goes on… WHAT RECOURSE DO I HAVE?????????… you owe me a working phone!

    1. Andiwood says:

      Oh yeah…. more…. to previous post…. its an N8….
      And my predictive text now sucks… anyone know if there is a way to get some recompense???

    2. Andyb says:

      Hi, the only thing I lost was my Netquin anti-virus software. I can still view conversations and my callers are still displayed by their picture or name, The buttons are smaller granted but I use Swype so it doesn’t affect me. I’ve not expirienced any of the problems you have. I to have an N8…

  6. Venkyjavali48 says:

    Am using belle for past 1 month on c6-01… its really fast, Good ui, high responsive… i think some bugs need to be fixed, as in conversation when i try to reply with one word, the send icon is de-highlated… i hope it may be fixed in next update… anyways nokia is improving as far as OS is concerned

    1. Jackjeans says:

      After reading all the comments, I feel that: ‘Let the Belle go to hell’. I dont want to spoil my phone and throw it to the garbage. Thanks to all of you who posted comments. All my life I had Nokia phones. Now its time to change as Nokia does not have a weather application forecasting without internet connection. May be I should think of going to Blackberry or Samsung.

  7. Guest says:

    Amazed at some of the comments here.  Most of it is much of a muchness, although I preferred whatever was there before Belle if I’m being honest.  Worst bit if the predictive text and text editor.  For an example, my phone now insists if I write the word “just” it MUST come out capitalised thus, “Just”.  If I correct it a number of times in the hope it’ll learn, it seems to, except it only learns for the one text.  Next text to use the word it opts for “Just” again !  And spot a predictive error and move the cursor back, it moves just a character at a time, not a word at a time, and by not selecting words you can’t just get to the erroneous one and change it, you have to delete the characters and retype ! I also find some things more difficult to find than before too.  Overall less than impressed.  Roll on the upgrade that corrects the bugs & deficiencies in this one.

  8. Guest says:

    Oh and yes, I also have come across the bug where, when you’d expect to see the name from the contacts list all you see if the number which you probably haven’t memorised.  How could they let that through ?

  9. Gatlasantosh says:

    hi i have updated my nokia n8 to symbian belle and its amazing with new look with six home screen and it response very fast than anna battery performance is very good 48 hours in 2g mode and 36 hours in 3g mode with lots of web browsering for hours i rellay like symbian belle thanks to nokia

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