Android Battery Life Saver via precious app

As most know when using your smartphone often, the battery can drain rapidly, and until such times a new longer lasting batteries become available perhaps an app that allows you to save that precious battery life might ease the hassle of constantly charging your device. Well if you use an Android smartphone then there is an app that can do that called Battery Life Saver.

The Battery Life Saver app for Android enables the user to save battery life with a simple click to enable battery saving mode thus disabling some of the most battery consuming modules such as auto-sync background data, vibrate, Bluetooth, wireless, display and more.

Battery Life Saver also shows CPU/Processor usage stats along with the possibility of monitoring background tasks with processor usage, and the ability to close down unwanted applications.

The Battery Life Saver app for Android smartphones and Android tablets running Android 2.2 Froyo or above delivers battery info at a glance, the ability to configure your own battery saving profile, the ability to ignore some settings, auto-enter airplane mode during sleeping hours, auto-enter power saving mode when battery level is low, restore old settings when leaving battery mode, manage running tasks, and possibility to move the app to the SD card.

For those Android faithful that are experiencing battery drainage and would like to try out the Battery Life Saver app, you can download the application from the Android Market for free.

Of course if you do grab the app feel free to let us know how it gets on and if it really does save your battery life by posting your opinion of the app to our comments area below.

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